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Hey folks,

Been perusing this site for a long time and thought I’d offer up pics of my Ex that currently has mostly been stripped down inside. Respond here and I will post them within a reasonable amount of time.

I’m “planning” a camper build but full disclosure...I have a very rudimentary skill set so probably won’t bother with a build thread. I honestly should have never gone down this road but pretty much past the PNR anyway so might as well forge ahead.

Hope y’all are doing swell!



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Wow. Interested to see your plans here. Lots of space in an excursion.

Curious why you are having remorse. Is it because of the size of the project or another reason?


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My “plans” are for continued use of the middle row, a drawer system on either side behind the middle row to allow room for an aisle up the middle, a bed system that works for solo and then full width for the two of us. You’re indeed correct: The thing is cavernous inside. I have looked at pop top vs fixed high top and think the latter works best. That last is part of the plan but is almost assuredly a pipe dream.

My remorse stems from I really should have gone with a truck: It’s just me, my spouse and the dog. SUV isn’t as useful as a truck but I got the Ex for a very reasonable price and can’t afford to deviate. Also part of my remorse is I’m not financially setup to pull this off AND I’m way in over my head skill wise. I also over exonerated 4x4 for my needs: A full size van would be a better choice for us.

“Lol. Cant tell you how many times I have thought this with a few decisions in my life.”
- same but I often don’t have the mental fortitude to persevere in the face of adversity. Thankfully (??) at 2.30 a litre for fuel, a V10-horrific resale at this point but I don’t drive it much, loads of surface rust and having gutted the interior all but irreparably I have to forge ahead regardless. Sigh....grind away indeed!😉

While you have everything out, once you’re done with your grinding you may wish to think about installing dynamat and insulation throughout the Ex.

You’ll find that there is a lot of fallow space above the drivers-side rear wheel well. I placed a 5 gallon air tank in that spot connected to my onboard air compressor so that I can use air tools if needed. (Also great for pumping up 4-5 rafts!)

Good luck,

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I was surprised how quiet it is even without the headliner in! It IS a very stout vehicle. Insulation is an absolute must and I’ve got it ready. On board air....💜💜I’ll take a look in that location, thanks!

Not sure what insulation you rolled with but after hours and hours of research, I settled on Rockwool and NO vapour barrier. I’m in the Pacific Northwest so will be installing a Fantastic Fan for ventilation. Confirmed with professionals that MaxxAirs prone to circuit board failures.

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