Exped Duo to replace stock RTT mattress question?


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I know it has been discussed many times about how bad the stock mattresses are. I am thinking of going with the exped duo but unsure of how to make it fit my floorplan on my tent. I have a Tepui Autana 4 which has a sleeping area of 72x96. If anyone has the same sleeping size and if you would share what combo of mats you used and how you laid them out. Thanks in advance


2 Exped Mega Mat Duos in Medium length would fit sideways in the tent.

Basically 1 mat on each leaf of the RTT base.

You’d have around 16” at the head or foot end but I think they would fit rather well.

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I have two mega mats and a tepui three person. Next time out I’m gonna try this :)

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