Expedition BC - Our experiences overlanding with kids (and some tips).


We've posted a trip report and article sharing our experiences doing the whole camping and overlanding thing with young kids. Hopefully some readers will be encouraged to keep exploring after the whole family thing happens! If you like this kind of stuff, follow along on Facebook where we update everytime a new trip report is posted. ("ExpeditionBC" on Facebook)

Thank you for the great tips. I saw on the section on your trailer that it is very fast and easy for you to set up. How long does it take you normally to set the whole thing up? Can I ask what you do for your kids sleeping arrangements?


A quick setup of the tent by one person (usually in the dark for me) is under 10 mins. A full setup for a long stay, including pegging it all down, messing with guy lines for the awning etc, is closer to 20. A helping hand goes a long way as well, and daylight for that matter. You can see videos of the setup on youtube, just search for Kakadu Bushranger etc. It’s an OZ Tent on the trailer and thats how they come new from www.KakaduCamping.com

At our current stage, the baby sleeps with mom up on the queen bed(built in atop the trailer) and I setup a cot, with our toddler on a camping mattress beside me on the floor. The tent has a full thick polysomething floor which we manage to keep pretty clean (shoe tray by the entry door).
We have a hard time getting our toddler sleeping in our camper... How did you manage to get your kids to sleep somewhere else other than the crib?
We have a hard time getting our toddler sleeping in our camper... How did you manage to get your kids to sleep somewhere else other than the crib?
For my wife and I we didn't want sleeping changes to stop us from being able to go out. So from 3 months old on we took our baby and then toddler on many small trip where putting them to sleep in different areas would happen. Going to a friends house for a bbq or dinner at families place. We would bring stuff to make a bed and our portable monitor so we could put him to bed where ever we were. In the summer we would even bring a bassinet with a full bug screen and put him to bed out side. Our son is now almost 5 and it takes less than 5 min to put him to bed in a tent and we can go back to the fire. We have taught him use a walky talkies so if he needs us he can call us. We also found it helps some times if his bed is extra warm especially on cool night so we use hot water bottles. And the wife likes them to.

Depending on where you are in Victoria, if you are able to do some driveway camping with the camper to help get your toddler more use to it that might help. And if they have their own bed in the camper get them to make it how they want. blanket, stuffed animals, ect

And glow sticks, lots of glow sticks. As long as they are past the point of putting them in their mouths.


Same idea here, we camp so much that our kids have their own camping gear including chairs, sleeping bags, and a special camping stuffed animal (for our toddler, it's a teddy bear named "Puffy" and he also loves camping. It also helps that typically the kids will be running around and playing enough that they are tired come bed time.
Great info thanks! He loves driving in the truck and being outside. It's just the sleeping part that makes every trip into a small challenge for us. Now that we have a proper diesel heater in the camper we may try the driveway camping idea!

Cheers and happy travels.