Expedition Bike? Not really, it's just WTHIJ's TW200.


so glad you made this thread, I've been in the market for a TW200 for a few months now

there's a '99 on CL in my area for $1100 with "an oil leakage somewhere" problem...

I was thinking if I could get him down a couple hundred more, it may be worth it. My mom taught an atv mechanic's daughter how to read, so I'm thinkin I might could get a good deal from him on any upfront work that would need to be done with the engine.

anyone think this is decent, or should I stay away from it?
there's a '99 on CL in my area for $1100 with "an oil leakage somewhere" problem...
anyone think this is decent, or should I stay away from it?
$1k seems reasonable. If that's the bike you want, go get it. Not a whole lot to go terribly wrong with that engine- most likely a faulty gasket/seal somewhere. An afternoon of getting to know your new bike a bit better, and an opportunity for some other preventive maintenance too.


Since this has become a semi-official thread on all things TW200, I'll mention a lesson I learned recently about ours.

Tawanda tipped over after her kickstand sunk into the ground under the deck at our cabin which we visit on weekends. Lying sideways for a few days caused a problem.

I didn't think much of it when I righted her, but the next day when we set off on a ride she just wouldn't start. Eventually I hopped on to attempt a roll start and was getting no throttle response whatsoever once the motor was turning. Good spark, clean plug, throttle cables good, all that. If you've deduced the problem by now, kudos to you. If not, I'll give you a few more seconds to think....

You'd be correct to check the airbox next, which drained about a pint of fuel as I unscrewed it. Aaaaand it was that simple. Purrs like a kitten again.

Has anyone considered drilling a drain hole in an airbox that holds fluid better than most jerry cans?


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Thread revival.
My buddy just got a Triumph Tiger 800 and as it is an awesome bike it is spendy. I'm not a rider as of yet but am enjoying seeing the TW200's and all that people do with them. I'm thinking about getting a moto not only for off road explorations but to save money for my 60 mile commute to work. I don't see many of these on the socal freeways.


Personally I drive a KLR650 now but have had this thread bookmarked forever as I am thinking of a tw200 as a second bike, from research I do not think tw200s have an ideal setup for a freeways, especially here in Socal with all the traffic, and the hills. Not only does it lack real power, it is light and can get blown around by the trucks, and your pushing it to achieve those speeds. I would not feel comfortable taking on out there but there are people who do I suppose, my recommendation is either something a bit larger, or even better avoid the freeways until you learn to ride, and no matter what take a safety course 1st.

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Excellent thread, your bike looks great. I am getting a T-Dub from a friend. Typical story; bought for his GF and she crashed it. Only damage was the speedo housing. The bike has new seat, bark busters, rack, skidplate, led turn signals and only 1k miles on it. Will have to look into the kick start conversion, that's a must-have. I've been told I should put a stiffer spring on the rear. I'm 6'4" 240lbs and I will have about 55 lbs of camera gear and provisions on the back while riding. Anyone else swapped the spring? I know how to do it, just wondering how it rides with a higher rate.
Thanks for the links. Here is the new to me bike.
Right on, welcome to club slowpoke! I'd imagine that a new rear spring for you would be a must-have. I've bought stuff from the guys at pro-cycle with good experiences, and I know that they sell replacement springs for bigger riders. I have the hyperpro progressive front and rear kit for the TW125 on my bike, and it's made an enormous difference in the way that the bike rides, particularly the front.

This reminds me- I have a lot of upgrades on the Yamaha mini-adventure that I haven't posted up here. It's been way too long since I've added to this thread... things get busy, and stuff like adding more mods up to this post fall to the wayside. I'll try to change that in the near future.

Joe & Michael

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Love the T-Dub

Hi James,

Loved reading your TW200 thread. My son Michael and I decided last summer to ride motorcycles. He was 22 and I 59 - we took the motorcycle safety training classes, passed our M1 drivers tests and began looking for the right motorcycle. We both were interested in off road since we have a cabin in the mountains of Idyllwild, CA but also wanted to ride street. We looked into dual sports and found the TW200 - retro looking fat tired little buddy - love at first sight!

Found for my son a 2009 with 49 miles on it! The owner kept it in new condition and with the proper tuning, cleaning etc. it was a brand new bike. I bought a new 2014 from a local San Diego Yamaha dealer, and we haven't looked back. Everything you reported about the TW is spot on. Great fun and they do everything within their wheelhouse perfect.

I modified my T-dub with the same Cycleracks racks and after reading your thread, may do some of the modifications you have shown us.

Top of our list to modify is replacing the anemic beep beep horns, with much louder ones. For street riding the stock horns are not heard. I have searched and even bought one that claimed could fit but just could not be mounted on our little T-Dubs.

Any suggestions?

Top of our list to modify is replacing the anemic beep beep horns, with much louder ones.... Any suggestions?
You bet, Joe! Get a Stebel Nautilus like this one: http://www.amazon.com/Stebel-Nautilus-Universal-Motorcycles-Scooters/dp/B00CMX20H4

with a little effort, the horn comes apart in to two pieces- the horn, and the compressor. You can mount the compressor where your charcoal canister currently resides (if you don't mind getting rid of it), and then fancy a bracket for the horn portion to mount where the current TW horn resides (or somewhere else if you like). Simply run a piece of vinyl tubing from the compressor to the horn, and you're done. I had this setup on my TW for a while- it's REALLY LOUD!


Thanks for an awesome and informative post James! I'm planning to carry a TW200 for fun and back up transport behind my SoCal 459 Krawler Teardrop on a hitch carrier. My wife is also looking forward to learning to ride off road on it, probably make better progress than me on the trail on my XTZ1200 Super Tenere!!!