Expedition Overland - 2015 Season


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As some of you know I had the unique opportunity to be part of an exciting adventure with the Expedition Overland crew this past spring. We spent 8 weeks adventuring from Montana to the bottom of Central America and the Darien Gap in Panama. Expedition Overland produces a high quality adventure travel series that can be seen online via YouTube, etc. Take a minute to check out the official trailer :cool:

Hope you enjoy. Season debut is July 8th!


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Saw this yesterday, looking forward to seeing this season! Really enjoy the series.
I'd buy a DVD if they ever produce one
Trailer has me excited to see the episodes.
Awesome!! I love those guys!SG
Really looking forward to the second series. Their teamwork is very admirable.
Pumped to hear you are all excited for the new season. It was a lot of hard work and I hope you all really enjoy it. I'll keep bumping this thread as updates occur.
I have been waiting on this since the last season ended. Central America and South America are really interesting to me and when I found out the new season was going to be in Central America it made me very happy. I can't wait!


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One of the few productions I will eagerly wait a week to tune into the same evening it's released, even though it will stay on YouTube for months. It's better than 99% of television shows on the air, and 100 times better than any other so called "reality" series.


Awesome news! Their 1st season was very interesting to watch. Can't wait to see the 2nd!

Plus, they were using the new 4runners. I am eager to see how they fared.


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...Plus, they were using the new 4runners. I am eager to see how they fared.
I'll give you some insider info... they worked fantastically. The 4Runners were very comfortable, held plenty of gear and never left us wanting. The Tacoma still did much of the heavy-lifting with camera gear and the kitchen galley but the 4Runners were great :cool: