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Happy new year to all of our friends and members, the Johnson Boys are ready to have some fun building a van for new adventures! We recently purchased a 2016 Chevrolet Express 3500 2 wheel drive passenger van, 155" wheel base that is screaming for help being completely stock. We will be lifting it and building it as silly as possible but most is to be determined as we build.
One goal in mind! Have fun with the kids....
Kaiden who for some reason just loves van's (HEHEHE) and was super excited on the new Chevrolet and just wants to drive it around. He has been helping out dad in the shop since day 1 and just loves working with me and on his power wheels Jeep. If you have watched our videos he is always around and will make you smile and laugh. With that being said we will be trying to film lots of this build as we start a new Series of videos and blog named "Growing Up Garage" This will be a separate youtube channel and Facebook Page for you that are or are not interested in watching the crazy things we do!
Day 1 pic.

This is where it all begins, we look forward to sharing and hope that you will share your pics with us.
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Nice! I'll be following this build too! Subscribed!

One good thing is that Kaiden doesn't need a high-top so you can take a shortcut there. (pun intended) :26_7_2:

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Kaidens ideas to build

With big plans in the works Kaiden has lots of ideas of what he would like to start with!

1. Lightforce Lights
2 Bed, for boys trip... no mom
3. General tires
4. He wants the Bronze Method race wheels we put on the 2017 white Sema van

Lots more to come.
Growing Up Garage

Mat Mobile

I'm sure Kaiden will also be wanting to pull a flatbed with his power wheels to go wheelin'! :safari-rig:

Also don't forget a fridge with solar panels to keep the juice boxes cold!

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Chevrolet Express tinted windows and wheels

We Couldn't keep it stock very long! here are a couple small upgrades that make a big difference to not make it look like the shuttle van.
Tinted all of the windows....

These were a set of take off wheels from another build and will work great until we go bigger! Kaiden was not so happy about this! "those arent the gold Method wheels those are Jeffs old GMC wheels!" What 4 year old pays attention to wheels and from which customers van we took them off of!!!! Good TImes.
Bronze Method 605 NV wheels coming soon!


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I'll be following along also!

Jeremy, I got a chance to chat with you today and look forward to getting the funds/van together in order for you guys to start on my build.


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Installed Method Race Wheel on our Chevrolet Express Van

Well the chrome wheels had to go! Kaiden was not a fan and has literally been asking daily " when are we going to put the gold wheels on our Chevrolet van" ? So without delay he and I came to the shop last Saturday and installed the new wheels. We went with the Method Race Wheels 305 NV in Bronze. This is a 17x8.5 wheel with the old tires. This simple upgrade really gives your van a nice look eliminating the shuttle van appearance.
Our goal with this build is to show you all the things you can do to your Chevrolet Express to improve the look and ride.
We will be posting the video shortly:

Here is a link to the wheels:

We can ship these wheels direct to you if your in the market for Method Race Wheels.