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This is one of those products that is going to make you want a pickup or van if you don't already have one.

Established in Ketchum, Idaho in 2012, DECKED was founded on the desire to create products which would maximize the functionality and flexibility of vehicles by designing in-vehicle storage solutions that make life easier for the working man and woman.

SEMA’s Best New Product of 2015, DECKED, is an innovative, 100% American-made truck bed and cargo van storage system that incorporates two weatherproof, full bed-length drawers which roll out to provide easy, ergonomic access to tools, equipment and other gear. The deck and drawers of the storage system are built from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The deck incorporates HDPE co-molded to a galvanized steel subframe to provide a 2,000 lb system payload capacity. DECKED drawers can hold up to 200 lbs. each and are lockable to provide secure storage.

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Designed for the tradesman, outdoorsman, weekend warrior and anyone else who uses their vehicle as a tool for work or recreation, the DECKED system provides a solution to a challenge which most truck and van owners face: the ability to organize and store essentials while maintaining uninhibited use of the vehicle bed’s footprint. DECKED lets users load up ATV’s, motorcycles, and other heavy items onto the deck while organizing and securing tools, hardware, guns, rods, and other gear underneath in the drawers. The DECKED advantage is simple: weatherproof, secure, and ergonomic storage with uncompromised use of the vehicle bed’s payload capacity.

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DECKED systems work with most tonneau covers and nearly all canopies enhancing the truck owner’s experience and ability to organize and ergonomically access gear. The DECKED system can be installed in nearly every full size pickup truck and cargo van made since the late 1990s, is easy to remove and reinstall, and mounts to the vehicle’s existing tie downs and attachment points with no drilling required. For additional information on DECKED, visit www.DECKED.com.

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Looks like a very cool system - I emailed their sales folks to see if they have any dimensional offerings (versus make/model), as many of us need to work boxes like this into custom sizes or trailers, etc.


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Looks like a very cool system - I emailed their sales folks to see if they have any dimensional offerings (versus make/model), as many of us need to work boxes like this into custom sizes or trailers, etc.
Right on tarditi! Great to hear it. Let us know how we can help. Essentially our products are the same dimensions as a full size truck bed and come in short and standard bed lengths just like full size trucks.
Short: 64 1/2" length
Standard: 74 1/2"

The narrowest width your bed can be without some significant modification is: 63 1/2"

However we have seen many arts and crafts projects to adapt this product to various sized spaces. Hope that helps!


When do you think you will have this for mid size trucks specifically the Tacoma? My coworker has one in his Tundra and loves it.

Boston Mangler

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  • LOVE My Decked System in my Tundra! Top Notch Product and Customer Service!
  • Took me about 2 hours to install in my driveway, by myself!
  • Check my build in my signature for pics of it in my truck and my sleeping arrangement.
  • Here is a pic from a recent race:

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Raul B

I have been running a decked system. For almost 2 years and love it...

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Short bed Nissan Frontier guy here. Love your system! When will it be available for the Frontier!?! They out sell the Titan 5 to 1....Your prices are very fair for your product. I think you will get some incredible growth expanding into the mid size truck market.
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I've had mine for about a year and use it all the time. Currently is rigged with my fly gear and camping stuff so I can catch a hatch anytime I'm driving through somewhere. Was using it as a mobile shooting platform in this pic.