Expedition TrailBlazer Project

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That crane is one of the best ideas I've ever seen :wings:

I have the same garage door clearance problem you have so I can't get into the garage with anything mounted on the roof racks. I only have about 10mm clerance as it is. But once in the garage I have room to hoist stuff up high for storage.

I might just have to steal this idea... :p


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I've spent a few days reading your thread, along with a few others. This is an amazing build! You've done something with a vehicle that doesn't have many good options for aftermarket modifications. It's crazy what you've done with it. I was seeing a common theme with the way you packed everything and was wondering where it came from...then you said you had worked on an ambulance. Explains the level that you have gone to in setting things up so that they are less likely to fail. When done right the first time, odds are you won't have to do it again. "Handle it once" is my attitude.

Again, this is one amazing and meticulous build. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! There are certainly more than a few things that I have handled more than once, but I try to minimize that as much as possible. Its been a lot of fun to build!



Painted, labeled and installed:

can you explain or have a diagram for wiring this in? i take it the black is the ground and the red is positive coming off a relay perhaps?

and the accessory positive is connected to the middle prong of the corresponding switch, and accessory grounded at a different location?


You've essentially got it.

Black in the image is ground (its only there because of the status LEDs in the switches, if your switches don't have LEDs, you don't need a ground to it).

Red in the image comes from a switched circuit out of the body control module, so that the accessories are only turned on when the key is in the run position. I used an add-a-fuse off of the HVAC fuse to accomplish this.

Depending on the accessory's current draw, the center connector on the switch either goes directly to the accessory, or to control the accessory's relay.


I like your crane, I'm trying to figure a solution to getting my mastiff into my RTT; and that would work... hmmm.

I also am going to use a surface pro in my FJ40 build - rather than a stereo, efi computer, and gps - I'll combine it all into an upgradeable, and easily unpluggable package... just like what you did... perfect.


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Auxiliary switch plate

How much would you charge to make one of the auxiliary switch plates for my trailblazer thats exactly what i need for mine for emergency lights.


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I want to make my suburban the bigger brother to your TB. I am doing the ford key H2 spring lift on it with shock spacers.


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Did the "big brake upgrade", taking the brakes from the extended version of the Trailblazer. This should prove to be helpful especially if I get bigger tires (thinking maybe 34s).

View attachment 244608

Also, here's an excessively dramatized video that I finally edited up from an outing with me and my buddies back in April (if I recall correctly)...

Some cool video and some wicked dub step. Hell if a Fraud can make it up there, anything can. Seriously, nice ride. Cheers, Chilli...:wings::Wow1::smiley_drive:


mdclark, as I said in my email, I really don't have the time to do something like that right now. I'm in the middle of some home renovation work that's taking up most of my time.

Some cool video and some wicked dub step. Hell if a Fraud can make it up there, anything can. Seriously, nice ride. Cheers, Chilli...:wings::Wow1::smiley_drive:
Thanks for the kind words.

I made another video from this past year's camping trip but forgot to post it on this site. I think it has the potential to be my best yet!




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Tthis is the best TB that I have seen, I love TB and I am constantly looking for a good opportunity to buy one, here in Chile (South America) they are some how not very common.
your post is really good with lots of very good information and step by step guides.

I am looking forward to get my TB, I have found one very nice with less than 40K mill, v8 5.3, and do some work on it, I would be happy getting it lifted and with the roof tent to start, and in the future work on the bumpers.

really cool post, impresive work, great videos.


PD: please forgive my bad English, as it is not my native languaje.


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JP, good luck with your endeavor! Finding a V8 with less than 40K is quite a find! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Once you start a build thread, please feel free to PM me, I want to follow it!

Also, if you haven't found it yet, forums.offroadtb.com has a lot of good resources for Trailblazer owners. You might want to join there too.


As everyone else has said, great work! Extremely well though-out, designed, and constructed mods.

Just a random thought regarding the on-board water. Since you also have on-board air, would it be possible to regulate a line off your storage tank down to pressurize the water tank? It is obviously not a pressure vessel, so you'd want to be careful about putting to much pressure into it, but seems you could produce something very similar to a garden sprayer (for herbicides, etc) that would not require a pump; just a valve at the point of use. If you got an adjustable regulator, you could easily adjust the flow by dialing the pressure up or down.

These trailblazers have really piqued my interest lately. Seems like they are a great value. The "big names" in the off-road world seem to demand such a premium on the used market. The TB's don't necessarily have a huge aftermarket, but I kinda like the idea of designing a building my own stuff anyway, so it's no biggie.