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here is the ARE I got. I work 7-on-7-off, and to save myself the 1.5hr commute (each way), some days I camp out in this. It is nice and roomy. But, I can't do more than hang curtains over the windows inside because of all the other things I have to do with my truck/shell. Hauling firewood, transporting dogs in crates, etc. keeps me from being able to make platforms or do much in the way of interior upgrades. Heck, I even had to cut out my bedliner just to gain that additional half-to-three-quarter-inch interior height......I was *just* shy of being able to stack two larger medium dog crates on top of one another with the bedliner. With it out, I can easily stack them on top of each other. Instead of 6 medium crates with a few smalls on top, I can get 10 or 12 medium crates back there now.

Anyway, the point is I absolutely love my ARE DCU. If you get one, go with the vertical sidewalls and the "radius" front, like I did. That way, you don't lose any interior room from the slope/angle on the sidewalls.



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Very nice site. Still like the A.R.E. with door. I might go that route.

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I have had an A.R.E. MX model with the walk-in door for 3 years. I wouldn't buy another. However, if you live in a dry region with no dust you should be OK.

I've found the large back hatch to be very poor fitting. I've finally sealed the hatch all around with silicone sealant. It's a nuisance when you want to open the whole back because you then have to break the seal and re-seal it again. I've repaired the walk-in door hardware a number of times, too. Overall, the design is nice but quality of the components and the fit means that it's never been fully functional: occasional leaks around windows and perpetual leaks around the back. To their credit, A.R.E. did replace a leaky window. The original dealer installation was quite poor and matching the cap to the truck was a royal pain. It may work better to remove the plastic bed rails to create a smooth surface to mate with the cap. I eventually lifted the cap and glued it down with marine sealant so it is, more-or-less permanently mated to the truck.

An aluminum one may be a better option but I know next to nothing about those.

If I had my time back I'd have bought a Spacekap. Very expensive initially but would outlast my truck and be put on the next one because the slide-in is a universal fit. The weight of the slide-in Spacekap is a disadvantage but it's fully sealed and can be taken on and off the truck without having to reseal every time. If you have a 3/4 ton the Spacekap is, in my opinion, the best option. If you have a 1/2 ton without added springs it may not be the best choice.

Hope this helps.


I always thought that it'd be sweet to re-do a FlipPac and instead of flipping it all the way out/flat, stop the deployment at an angle (acute angle at front of truck, large soft side at rear of truck), like my Autohome RTT(roof top tent) is, or like a reverse Westfalia Top;
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This is definitely needed here in the rainy PacNW.

Of course this wouldn't net as much sleeping space as the FlipPac is designed for now, but it could work for 1-2people perhaps.
I proposed this to Martin at AT Trailer when I was recently down there but supposedly there is not that much calling for this setup.
All it would take is a few hydraulic shocks like in the RTT's and the FlipPac would stay at your set/desired angle.

There was a Wildernest like that, I have picture of it somewhere's on one of my computers...or flash drives. To be honest I wouldn't want it, loose too much useable space,
I had a Wildernest...awfully nice to use the bed area during the day to toss stuff on, or after a long day on the road, toss it open and climb into bed...no having to rearranging things to make a bed. More open feeling too.

For solo truck cap camping, I use a Roll-a-Cot. No center leg, so it fits over the wheelwell...plus you can use it outside when the weather is nice, packs nice and small too.
Use my rig for a multitude of things, why I don't use built in platform/drawers.

Probably be able to fit two of them in a fullsize truck


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