Exploring Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal Country


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Went out for two days to coal country, USA. Also known as Coal Township, Pennsylvania. First time out there, what an amazing area. We were at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area, literally thousands of acres of trails. The first day we were the only ones on the entire 7000-acre property. The second day there were only a few other guys out there but we didn't see anyone the whole day. There's also a 20,000+ acre property called Reading Anthracite that I want to explore next time. It's incredibly beautiful and remote out here - there was nothing but wilderness as far as the eye could see. These are all old coal mining properties - much of it is abandoned, with some small areas still actively mining. I went along with a buddy and Kyle Buchter of Offroad-Consulting. Won't bore you with too much text, here are the photos!

EDIT: I was only able to upload a few and they got pretty blurry, so here's the full album of 30+ high-res photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10101660140901259.1073741859.13804386&type=1&l=51b8eb70b0

1.jpg 2aaaa.jpg 7.jpg 6.jpg 5.jpg 4.jpg 3e.jpg 3a.jpg 2aaaa.jpg 2aaa.jpg IMG_7813.jpg
Thanks for sharing; I was at AOAA last July and had a blast. There was one rule which caught me off guard though- that you had to wheel with a buddy. I must have waited around for about 40 minutes waiting until someone else pulled up. Lesson learned.

I found a spot to camp at bald eagle state park which is about 80 miles from AOAA: