Exploring the wilds of the Owyhee Canyonlands - The most remote region of Oregon


Our family loaded up our Toyota 4x4 and off road trailer and headed south from Canada to see the hidden red-rock of Oregon. We previously had no idea that such a landscape existed in Oregon State...

The Owyhee Canyonlands is truly a special place - check out our latest trip report in the link below to see for yourselves. Please feel free to send me a PM or contact us through our FB page @ExpeditionBC with any questions on the area we explored! (Or come see us at the NW Overland Rally this weekend!) If anyone else has been here we'd love to see your photos etc, feel free to post em up!

TRIP REPORT > https://xpedbc.com/wild-owyhee/
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Very nice report and pictures. You should get a drone so you can also take some aerial shots.

I have a DJI Mavic Pro drone and next month will be my first time taking it on a major road trip and I am really looking forward to some aerial shots in Utah.
There is (still) a significant contingent that would prefer the entire area be made wilderness and close off much of the awesome trails and roads to visitors. If you enjoy it in its current - extremely beautiful -and well managed condition and don't want to see it closed off to all traffic, please keep and eye out and weigh in regarding access to keep the Owyhees Open.
We have decided that our first "shakedown" when we get the new vehicle is going to be a circumnavigation of the Owyhee Highlands. Start in Grand View, ID - go up Mud Flat and over the top tp the OR border and then come back over Bachmann Grade back to Grand View.

Can't wait.


It's only been since April, yet we're itching to go back.... Perhaps we'll try again next spring! Preferably without the snow as we get enough of that over winter.
We were in the wilderness this weekend. It still chaps my a$$ that I have to walk into "wilderness" while the cattle ranchers can ride their ATV anywhere he pleases to check his cows. For that matter, the idea that wilderness can co-exist with domestic cattle is such a ridiculous notion that it makes me desperately wish I wasn't a rule-follower at heart.