ExPo 100 Series Registry

After searching for 8 months I finally found a solid, clean UZJ100! Albeit an LX470.

Went though this thing with a fine tooth comb and had it inspected by Toyota before purchase. Always serviced at dealer, garage kept too.

2000 LX470
200k miles at purchase (Tuesday)
I've got a rhino rack pioneer and an arb2000 awning to mount on it, and a set of k02s too (put the cart before the horse on purchase so I'll be selling a set of new Michelin defenders soon)

Pics from ad
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Already in love with this tank. It feels like my old E430 and Tacoma had a baby.
I couldn't find a clean LC when I was looking back in 2008/9 and ended up with the Lexus as well. They were in better shape, had more features, and cost about the same. Mine is the same color combo as yours. Took off the running boards and that's it. I did put on a set of KO2's last year after the Big O AT tires finally wore out.

The Family Truckster

1. Year, model, color, etc:
2000 LC, Champagne Pearl

2. Name of owner/screen name:
Tim C/Kayak Taco

3. How long have you owned your 100 series? Is this your first?
1 month for this 100 series. This is my first 100 series, have had 2 Tacos (still have one) and still have a 1970 FJ40 with a 4BT/NV4500 Swap.

4. Mileage at date of purchase and present mileage:
Purchased with 311K, at about 313K now.
First owner owned it up to ~120k, second owner put the last 190k on her before I got her.

5. Your favorite mods... If any:
OME Springs/Tbars/Shocks, 285 Nitto Terra Grapplers installed by previous owner in the last 10k miles. Pioneer Double DIN touch Screen with backup camera.

6. How your 100 is used... ie. DD, family adventure, overland travel, etc.:
DD/Around Town/Family Adventure vehicle/Bike Shuttle

7. Your 3 favorite photos (keep them updated):
Along with the rest of the herd...
8. Link to your build thread:
None yet...
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Lexus Cruiser

1. Year, model, color, etc.. 2004 LX 470, Pearlescent White

2. Name of owner/screen name: mmbirtcher

3. How long have you owned your 100 series? Since January 5, 2018

4. Mileage at date of purchase and present mileage: 103,600 and now 104,200 (I don’t put a lot of miles on- yet.

5. Your favorite mods... If any: None yet.. plan on 33 AT’s, RFT, KISS Drawers, etc..

6. How your 100 is used... Daily driver every day! Long road trips and over landing as time allows. Back on the Trans America Trail this summer!

7. Your 3 favorite photos (keep them updated):

D6B57A13-CDA5-4597-B14D-A3B63F5EA107.jpg D337C257-DE0E-495F-9062-46EBB9368083.jpg 65B26FD0-215A-4DE8-B275-47F2D3468C8A.jpg

8. Link to your build thread: https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/pearl-white-lx470-slow-build.1034778/#post-11436104


Renaissance Redneck
We're in Grand Junction and have a stock 2004. Currently my Wife's work ride, but may get handed down to me. Did you do the work yourself? Or is there a Colorado shop you recommend. Slee?
GJ is a great spot! Right in the middle of all the best places to adventure. You're also about halfway between the two best Land Cruiser specialty shops (in my opinion). Slee to the east, and Cruiser Outfitters to the west in Utah. I don't think you can go wrong with either shop.
Heres mine...

2004 Landcruiser 100 series Black
PalmoftheWild (on instagram too)
Purchased: Nov 2017
Purchase milage: 180k miles. Now has 185k
First mods: removed the running boards and mud-flaps (easiest mod to change the look of the truck!)
Vehicle use: Currently building this into an overlanding/adventure machine, DD
Instagram: PalmoftheWild
Currently my favorite photos:



I give you Toshi. Originally from Mississippi, Toshi was a bone stock 2007 acquired a year ago with 110k and in excellent, rust free shape. OME 2.5" lift, Slee remote reservoir shocks, ARB front bumper with Warn winch, ARB skid plates, Metaltech sliders, KISS drawer system, Toyo RTs, Rhino rack and Attic storage. Primary purpose is a fishing and hunting rig and my DD about 50% of the time.


1. 2006 LX 470 exceptionally clean
2. guthriealexander
3. 3 weeks. Its my first 100 series, I had/have an 80 series for a number of years (currently for sale)
4. 203,000 Miles
5. Currently bone stock, do have my ARB fridge thrown in the back though
6. I plan on building and using the LX very similarly to my 80 series as an overland adventure truck, just with a +1 added to the family.
7. Just boring driveway pictures so far.
8. No build thread yet


1. 98' UZJ100
2. Micah/MTKID on the mud forum
3. 5 Years for this one, 10 years on my old 94' 80 Series I sent down the road.
4. 135k mikes then, 217k now
5. 37" Tires on IFS and the Roof Top Tent that almost fits all five of us
6. DD and summer wheeln' (that's old school for overland adventure) trips around Montana
7. Pics...
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Summer 2017 on 315's still...
View attachment 440321
8. https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/mtkids-ifs-uzj100-on-37s-build-thread.1033657/#post-11403780
Curious if you've regeared your rig to compensate for the 37s.
Here's my new (to me!) 100 Series in New Zealand.

1. 1998 100 Series VX Lmited (1HD-FTE) in Riverock Green (with all the bells and whistles - heated seats, cruise control, dual climate, sunroof etc)
2. Wild_South
3. My first 100 Series, replaced my 3rd Gen 4Runner (Surf, as it is known here in NZ)
4. 159,000 kms (99,000 miles)
5. So far, the tires (Maxxis AT980's)
6. Daily driver, weekend camping rig
7. See below for my favorite photos!
8. Build thread to come soon!