ExPo 60 Series Registry

1. 1984 FJ60
2. Boss Hog
3. Owned it 4 days. My first FJ60, but my fifth Land Cruiser
4. 192,700
5. Seat that say "TOYOTA" on them, 2" OME lift.
6. Fishing, family adventure, looking cool driving through the mountains
7. Link to your build thread:
8. Your 3 favorite photos (keep them updated):


FJ60 Seats.JPG

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1. 1985, fj60, beige metallic, 5spd
2. Jason Redwood
3. Owned it for 2 years. Been driving for a few months after slowly bring it out of a 15 year slumber.
4. 186k. Currently at 187k
5. Restored the interior. Sound deadening has been the favorite mod so far.
6. It’s becoming a DD with plans of light family camping excursions
7. https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/leroy-brown.984725/