ExPo 70 Series Registry

I know the 70 series is a bit less popular than the larger 80 series, but i figure we should probably have our own photo thread!
If you got a 70, lets see em!

Country of import

So ill start it off with mine,

1992 HZJ73
Imported from Japan
Factory lockers, 24v Winch.
Toyota snorkel, rims, custom drawer/organizer for back, bedlined bottom.
ARB bumper on its way, Lightforce blitz lights, CB.



eco 45

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This is my old shop truck which I went a little crazy on the mechanical side:

Cummins 4 cylinder electronic engine
Alison Automatic
Atlas II transfer case
1987 From South Africa


Working on its replacement as I wanted a long bed.
Going to have very low KM drive train with 1HZ, 5speed also from South Africa



1989 BJ74
245,xxx Kms
Auto, diff locks, split rear seat, PTO winch
24v-12v converter, OME 2.5" mediums,
Powder Coated 6X wheels with 33x10.5
Finish PMs, Interior work, some type of organized storage.
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Year/Model: HZJ75 4.2 non turbo diesel.
Country of import: Australian delivered car. I'm in Australia so theres no shortage of spares around.
Kms/Miles: 260 000Kms
Options/Specs: Top O the line! Duel tanks, F & R diff locks, air con.
Mods: Exhaust, rear seats pulled for a large draw system, 3 batteries, lighting, power outlets, radios, 33's, blah blah blah.
Plans: Get out there and see more.

EDIT: In these pics I have the 31s installed. They are my around town wheels/tyres.

You can see more pics of various places we go at www.shaunstephenson.net
Here's my freak ride,

Name: Well my name is Richard, haven't given the vehicle a name yet but it tends to get referred to as the BattleCruiser.

Year/Model: 2001 HZJ79

Country of import: Australian delivered, re-manufactured in Dalby QLD

Kms/Miles: 210,000'ish KM's

Options/Specs: Pretty base-level spec HZJ79 without many creature comforts: no factory lockers or winch, bog standard 4.2L non-turbo 1HZ, the chassis was re-manufactured with an upgraded GVM/GCM (4.5/9t) and extra lazy axle by Six Wheelers Australia in Dalby QLD at the request of one of the previous owners pretty early in the vehicles life. I think I'm the 2nd or 3rd owner.

Mods: Apart from the obvious addition of extra wheels she's been lifted quite a bit, front and rear track have been widened up and is riding on bigger rubber but otherwise very little. There's a tired old 40channel UHF radio in it which does the job for now but will need to be upgraded to one that can do 80 channels, busted roof tent on the roof which is going to get turfed soon (I backed into a low overhanging tree branch I reckon).

Plans: Short term plans are fridge (already bought), 250-300W of solar, overhaul the 12v (thinking CTEK D250S and plenty of fat copper), mount more driving cameras for my big-*** blind spots (my monitor can take 4 inputs), Re-do all the shelving inside the canopy and figure out how to put a fullsized double mattress inside (rearmost section is slightly too short), build a deck on the roof for sitting on deck chairs and getting drunk, and then drive it everywhere.

Mid term plans are turbo, lockers, front mount winch (I carry a 4.5T rated hand-winch), and perhaps investigate converting it from 6x4 to 6x6. Long term plans are for a camper body on the back instead of the tradesman's canopy.

2013-11-03 15.21.19.jpg 2013-11-05 16.19.51.jpg
2014-06-10 10.05.44.jpg 2014-06-10 10.05.41.jpg
IMG_0870.jpg IMG_1259.jpg
IMG_0819.jpg IMG_0820.jpg
IMG_0817.jpg 2013-11-06 12.54.35-1.jpg
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Year/Model: 1989 BJ74
Country of import: Japan
Kms/Miles: 102,000km
Options/Specs: 5spd, RHD, PTO winch, full float rear, awesome stripes and a ripper set of SUPER OFF ROADER aux lights!
Mods: Sliders, front and rear bumper, OME lift
Plans: I just purchased this a few weeks ago, just came over from Japan into Vancouver BC. It's getting some armor fitted now by Jason at Cruisin' Off road and I'm flying in BC in early Feb. to pick up the truck and drive it back to the east coast. I haven't even seen it yet! This will be my truck to take on solo trips and short weekend outings. The 100-series will remain the family rig.




Scott H Murray

Adventure Photog
Here is my work in progress.

Name: Well my name is Scott, my vehicle doesn't have a name 'YET'


Country of import: Australian delivered

Kms/Miles: 0KM's but now has 5600km's


External dimensions
- Width (mm) 1870
- Height (mm) 1955
- Wheelbase (mm) 3180
- Max wading depth (mm) 700
Off road specifics
- Approach angle 33
- Departure angle 27.0

- Kerb weight (kg) 2215
- Gross vehicle mass (kg) 3300 - GVM upgrade to 3750
- Gross trailer weight braked (kg) 3500
- Gross trailer weight unbraked (kg) 750

Fuel tank - main
- Capacity (L) 130
- Fuel type Diesel
- 90 Litre sub tank

- Engine type Diesel
- Engine code 1VD-FTV
- Capacity (cc) 4461
- Engine description Eight cylinders, V formation, gear and chain driven, DOHC 32 valve, compacted graphite iron cylinder block and aluminium alloy heads.
- Number of cylinders 8
- Configuration V
- Head composition Light alloy
- Valve gear type DOHC
- Number of valves per cylinder 4

- Maximum power kW 151
- Rpm for maximum power 3400
- Maximum torque Nm 430
- Rpm for maximum torque 1200

Since been chipped and with 3 inch exhaust.

Forced induction
- Intercooler Standard

Fuel system
- Injection type Diesel common rail
- Ignition type Diesel

Fuel consumption - ADR 81/02
- Fuel consumption - combined (L/100km) 11.9
- Fuel consumption - urban (L/100km) 14.3
- Fuel consumption - extra urban (L/100km) 10.5

- Driven wheels 4x4
- Four wheel drive type Part-time
- 4WD hub engagement Manual hubs
- Transmission type Manual
- Number of gears 5
- Transmission description Manual
Differential lock - front Standard
Differential lock - rear Standard

- EFS GVM upgrade kit 3inch

Pyro / Boost Gauge on A Pillar
-Overhead console housing UHF radio
-Tyredog tyre pressure monitoring system

-2 x ARB intensity LED lights
-2 x Xray-Vision lights from TJM
-1 x 33inch light bar (Still to be fitted)

-ARB deluxe steel bullbar with fog lights
-WARN Winch with synthetic rope
-Safari Snorkel

-Aluminium tray
-2 x Aluminium tray boxes

35in BFG Mudterrains

Dual battery system including DC to DC charger


Finish setup of rear cargo area for extended trips, fit 60ltr Engel fridge, canopy, RTT, explore this great world :)
There is mine:

Toyota Land cruiser KZJ78 also know as 76.

Production year: 1996
Made in Japan, for Japan market. RHD
Import from Japan/UK to Latvia - Rebuild to LHD in 2014
Futures: 3.0 Tdi 1KZ-T 125 hp. Automatic transmission. Coil springs at rear. Disk brakes front/rear. Air condicioner. Heater front and rear. Electric windows and mirrors. Sway bar front and rear. Adjustable seats front and rear.
150 000 km.
What have done:
1. Lifted 2.5 inch,
2. Profender monotube nitro shocks.
3. 10'' inch tablet installed in dash board for navigation (OZI explorer, military maps),
4. CB radio with 100 w alternator for 20 km range.
5. Pull-out aluminum compartments, for food and tools
6. 220V 2000w coverter
7. Rear bumper with spear tire carrier
8. 4.3 t winch
9. 33 inch AT tires for expedition, 35 inch Mud tires for local events

Plans to do:
1. Cover car with spray-on protective coatings. Line-x. Rubber coating against scratches and small damage.
2. Steel front bumper
3. Side steps
4. Tune engine to 150 HP
5. Diff lock at rear axle







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This is my first post at this site. Usually on the 70's forum at Ih8mud.

My name is Phil, I have a 1989 BJ74, 13BT engine and auto trans.
Imported from Japan to BC Canada
195,000 KM (had 72,000 when purchased in 2005)

Things I've done:

Complete overhaul of the drivetrain, minor engine work
2.5" OME lift
33" Toyo Mud tires in summer, 31" studded winters
Custom rear bumper, sliders and rack (built by Jason at Cruisin Off Road)
Full 2.5" exhaust
Lots of small things as well

Used strictly as a camping/fishing truck, and sometimes hauling firewood.
Always ready for an adventure!!