ExPo: G-Wagen Registry

Hi guys,

My husband and I recently purchased a green 2003 G500 (we call her Geez Louise). Prior to the G, we had W211 E500 Wagon that we used to go camping in all the time. We're excited to join the community and see what others are doing in the field!

IMG_2471.jpg IMG_0922.jpg

The picture of the G is from the Devils River State Natural Area in west Texas.
2013 G550 (his)
2017 G63 (hers)

Watching for a while... no time like the present to say Hi!

Diggin all the info and pics. Thanks all, totally re-inspired!

E60E0AB9-8647-4AB0-89C7-1B42871EC7AA.jpeg 5EFB026B-B9AC-4F16-9122-ABE50002D15F.jpeg
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Saw this in Guatemala City the other day. Best part about it was it had an old school cup warmer inside.

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