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Not my video but worth watching. Quite an adventure from 2009 where they packed out abandoned diesel fuel and car batteries

The Rex Montis Gold Mine, Latin for King of the Mountain, is located at 12,000 feet on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada just west of Independence, California. The Rex Montis operated from 1864 -1866 and from 1875 - 1883 with brief resurgances in 1935 and 1966. The mine is located on the north face of Kearsarge Mountain. Plagued by bitter cold winters and blistering hot summers, the mining camp came to a catastrophic end on March 1, 1867. The entire mining camp was wiped out by an avalanche off of the north slope of Kesarge Mountain.

Here's a little after action report!

[video=youtube;HrSaY8AcccI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrSaY8AcccI&lc=z22zixagtlbcyjudracdp432dfcsqaoldwc21impfl1w03c 010c[/video]
We just released another episode from our travels in Mexico. In this episode we attempt to drive to the base camp on Pico de Orizaba and hike to the glacier. We may have underestimated the highest peak in Mexico and things don't go as planned.