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Exactly 1 year ago, we set off on our big trip, unfortunately my Jeep didn't make it too far....

Feedback needed!
Excellent video! Sorry about the Jeep not cooperating for this trip. It’s never easy seeing our rigs get winched up a tow truck, especially on day one of an epic adventure.

Australia certainly has some beautiful country. I hope to make it out there one day.

And awesome looking caravan. All the rigs were nicely equipped.

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The latest installment of our adventures as we drive from California to Panama for 1 year.
In this episode we are in Central Guatemala taking an unusual rout to an increasingly popular natural attraction, Semuc Champey.
New here and wanted to share some fun travel/moto/fodder vid as I learn my way around.

Dust to Dawson, the gathering of the most hardiest of ADV riders was a real highlight of our 7 week trip to Alaska.
I'm far from a pro with the tech and in fact I wouldn't even make the junior varsity vid team. It's cube cam and phone only.
But I do enjoy the process as well as sharing the adventure.

The Search For Stoke series is my first crack at documenting the summer via vid. All my other efforts have been weekend rides.
I make short fodder vids of my friends and myself operating poorly.

I hope my videos capture the beauty of the Yukon, Dawson City, and the fodder of the mother of all ADV moto evens.