ExPo Welcomes All Terrain Warriors as Title Sponsor

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Brian McVickers

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Expedition Portal is pleased to announce All Terrain Warriors as the Title Sponsor of our Mitsubishi Heavy Truck section.

Based in Queensland Australia All Terrain Warriors Specializes in 4x4 heavy vehicles for a wide range of applications such as mining, military, eco tourism and expedition use. They have over 20 years experience in the modification, fabrication and custom design of off-road vehicles from 4.5 ton and over and common build on platforms from MAN, Isuzu and Fuso. All Terrain Warriors is widely recognized as the world leaders in the conversion of Fuso FG’s and Isuzu NPS’s into off-road motor homes and tour buses as well as suspension upgrades, single rear wheel conversions, expedition preparation, full composite camper bodies and custom electronic / hydraulic systems.

For more information visit thier website at www.allterrainwarriors.com.au and be sure to thank them for supporting Expedition Portal.

You can also sign up for thier newsletter here:


Supporting Sponsor, Overland Certified OC0018
Cool. Institutionalizes their invaluable contributions to this forum.
Kerry . Thanks to you and the others for your comments and also a big thankyou to Chip and Brian McVickers for helping setup the sponsorship arrangement. Wish we had of done it earlier.

By the way, it's definitely been a two way street. To be able to have professional conversations with the calibre of most of the ExPo members here has been invaluable to us as well, not to mention the resulting extra traffic though our website over the past year. So it was only right that we give our formal support back to the forum.

Regards John.


Awesome to have All Terrian Warriors officially aboard.... John's contributions over the months have convinced me what a capable platform a Fuso FG can be with sound talent, engineering and much Aussie Know-How behind it!

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Hey, On behalf of ATW as one of the sponsors, Just wanted to formally wish everyone here on ExPo a Merry Christmas and to stay safe over the holiday period.

All the best.


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Well just got back from OvEx.

What a fantastic event!! I would highly recommend this to any member of this forum or indeed any one interested in overland travel..... and especially to any fellow Aussies who wish to get over for a look. The venue, weather, training, lectures, exhibits, etc and especially the hospitality of the Yanks was incredible. Paul and I would especially like to thank the Hansons for extending the invitation to us (again but we did finally make it), Lance Blair for letting us base ouselves at his campsite, Alan Feld and family and the rest of the Sportsmobile crew for the fantastic Saturday night spread that they put on, and also the Hackneys giving us a great insight into the whole North American overaland scene, and finally Scott Brady and Brian McVickers from ExPo for generally making us feel so welcome.

One of the highlights of the weekend for me was certainly Doug Hackney's lecture on vehicle shipping and I only wish I could have in two places at once or I would have been able to attend more of the panels, lectures and training seminars on offer. The South American Travel and How to Stay Married While Overlanding were 2 others that everyone who attended spoke so highly about.

While I took over 500 pics there (only with an iPhone though), these were some of my favourites >>

Ovex 1.jpg

Ovex 2.jpg




There were so many killer Jeeps around and even if you aren't a fan, you would have to agree the detail in this thing was insane.



As I clicked this pic, I heard somone ask the owner how he could tell one end from the other!!!



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Good to see plenty of Aussie flags flying high.


This old Jeep was amazing... ran a 2004 JK chassis under.


Lehel's FG140


Commodore rebadged as a Pontiac !!!


1leglance's classic '70 Burb.
I want one!!


Garybo's FG


Very nice Sprinter.


406 Radio Van (I think ?????)



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