ExPo Welcomes XVENTURE Off Road Trailers to Expedition Portal!

As Expedition Portal continues to grow and expand as an online community it is not only our members but also our sponsors who make it all possible. ExPo would like to welcome Schutt Industries and the XVENTURE Off Road Trailer into our community and thank them for their support. Some may recognize the XVENTURE from episodes of Expedition Overland as Clay and his team have been taking an XVENTURE through all sorts of terrain over the past couple of years. Thanks again to Schutt Industries, they have provided a bit of background on their company and some images of the new XV-1 overland trailer!

Schutt Industries Corporation is the go-to source for standard and specialized military-grade
trailers with all branches of our military armed forces since 1998.

Schutt Industries Corporation is best known for its flagship line of military Light Tactical Trailers.
With over 40 years of trailer production experience, the LTT line brought about new construction
technologies to trailer manufacturing like all aluminum weldless construction incorporating
the revolutionary Huck Bolt from Alcoa.

Our larger units are impressive feats of engineering, functionality, and build quality.
Schutt Industries trailers are crafted for the toughest jobs on earth.

Introducing the XVENTURE XV-1 Severe-Duty overland trailer.
Schutt Industries is proud to launch its first product for the civilian market.
"We are honored to become a part of the Overland community and look forward to
serving you with the finest products of their type ever developed for the civilian market."

"XVENTURE is a serious professional vehicle. Unlike most light-duty welded steel tube
platforms supporting plastic or single walled metal enclosure overland trailers, we've
incorporated the exact same architecture we produce for the military."

"Her exceptional construction incorporates a 2.5 x 1.5 inch rectangular 1/4-inch walled
aluminum tube chassis. Assembled using Huck Bolts instead of welding, XVENTURE's
chassis and cargo bed provide vastly superior strength and resistance to stress from
vibration and twisting compared to welded steel structures."

XVENTURES cargo bed walls are hollow. Skinned on each side with 1/8th thick aluminum
plates which not only provide exceptional strength, but protect the exterior walls from
dents caused by loose interior cargo.

These are but a few of XVENTURES remarkable attributes. Visit our website for a
complete list of features at www.goxventure.com

Located in Clintonville Wisconsin, our 300,000 s.f. manufacturing facility is located on 21 acres.
“Behind You All the Way”, Schutt Industries is a brand you can trust for life.

"Thank you Overland Portal community. We look forward to working with you."


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Supporting Sponsor - XVENTURE Trailers
Hello Jeep forum. It's a pleasure to join you. Here's the deal on XVENTURE. Street price will be $11,995 starting July 1st from select dealers. That includes any color and bolt pattern you need to match your primary tow vehicle.

We will be offering a special deal to Overland Portal members for the next 2 months. If you can get a group-buy together of 10 units before July 1st we can supply the units at a special pricing of $9500 each. This comes with everything you see in the brochure except the Jeep, Fridge, Drawers, and Alloy Rims. The units that will ship at that time will include our newly design front utility cabinet which is the full width and height of the cargo bed x 18" front to back. The unit is fully removable. This massive locking cabinet has dividers built in which securely house 2: 5 Gallon Jerry Cans, have an isolated Battery Compartment, a large storage area. We'll have images up of the cabinet in a couple weeks but it will become standard equipment for XVENTURE.

It looks like we can get shipping to the west coast down in the 700-1200's at this time and we are working on this aspect of the product constantly to find the best deals possible.

These units will include: PolyUrea (Line-X type) coated Chassis, Bed Liner, Front End and Utility Cabinet, Truxedo Top, Electric Brake System, Emergency Brake-Away System, Multi-Axis Hitch, Rear Receiver, 75 Amp Deep Cycle Battery, Ultra Bright LED Back-Up Lights, 3-M Exterior Coating in any Color, BF Goodrich All-Terrains on 17" OEM rims. All units are fully wired with 12V Receptacles, Switchable Rear LED area lights,

We also have a beautiful new all aluminum "elevating" overhead Equipment Rack that designed specifically for RT Tents, Awnings, Solar Panels, Spare Tires, or whatever you want to put up there. The racks platform is 93 x 62 mirroring the footprint of the Cargo Bed. This unit will have a motorized elevator option. Look for picture of this unit by the end of next week. Price should come in at @ $1595 complete. All mounting fitments are built into XVENTURE base model.

Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you.
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