ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

Chris Cordes

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Hey guys I apologize for dropping off the face of the Earth with this thread. I have been so busy posting on instagram and our home page that this sort of fell behind.

I put the Generals on a few months back as part of a new test cycle. I have a review coming out shortly!

For ST1 the gearing is 4.56:1 Nitro Gears. That was chosen for running 37s while towing, even though I haven't switched yet. With 35s and towing I'd shoot for 4.30:1 or so. It's a better compromise for when you're still driving without the trailer.


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Man i love this build your instagram helped me find this thread! I'm starting my excursion project, and its a little different. I am pretty sure im going with the same lift that you used. Thanks for keeping this thread full of all kinds of good info! I am just 30 minutes south of dallas.


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I read through all 31 pages and have not seen any discussion about the biggest issue I have had with my excursion. Has anyone solved the poor steering issues that are common with these trucks? I am running 37x13.5r17s on my v10 Ex. I replaced my steering gear box with a Cardone gear box, then a Red Head gear box, the a warranty Red Head gear box. After that failed I installed a 2006 coil spring and radious arm suspension, axle, and gear box. It was awesome for about a month... I do have a lot more power to steer the truck than I did previously but it just has so much play. I am planning on installing a hydro assist steering setup but wanted to know if anyone here has had experience or success with this. I love my truck but am so close to giving up... Please help!