F/S 1989 Honda NX650 Arizona Titled Emissioned

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1988 Honda NX650 Dominator which was my daily rider for some time and the previous owners daily rider for many years. The NX650 is a pretty rare bike as this model and its derivatives (NX125, NX250) as well as the vtwin eduros like the Trans Alp were only imported to the US from 1988 to 1991. Since I have had the bike it has been super reliable I have only needed to change the oil, a front tire, and install a new seat cover. The previous owner worked at a local Cadillac dealership and had their body shop paint the panels and fairings to a nice dark green metallic. Paint looks great, actually looks new to be honest, like a new bike. The previous owner commuted 120 miles daily on this for a number of years and the bike currently has 59,627 miles. Since the bike is now 23 years old that comes out to on average 2,592 miles per year which I would consider to be normal riding. I have had the bike for two years, it passes Arizona Emissions standards and have it plated and registered in AZ. Cosmetically is could use new grips, and the clear plastic front windscreen is missing but should be available on ebay. The previous owner also made a small lockable storage box for the rear luggage rack, that has come in handy so I kept it on. I have not been riding much as of late so that is the reason it is up for sale. So little riding in that the battery went dent, so I have just replaced it with a brand new one. The bike is currently located in Chino Valley, AZ just outside of Prescott which has some of Arizonas best riding areas. If you make all the arrangements we will offer basic assistance in shipping, or you can plan a roadtrip and pick up here, the weather is fantastic right now. $1300 special price for Expo folks, email me directly at westcoastmags@gmail.com

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