Hey everyone. starting to look at lifts for my '14 F350 gasser. Curious if anyone has any experience with Old Man Emu lifts for the full size trucks. I'm looking at the 3 inch kit. Any and all info is appreciated. Thanks

*Got the Bilstein 2 inch spring kit and 5100 shocks installed today. Definitely negated some of the rake! Now the front is 1/2 inch higher than the rear. Drives great, previous front shocks are still compressed. Was hoping for 1 3/4 inch lift with the 2 inch kit to get a slight rake. Got 2 3/4 inches of lift. Hoping it settles a bit. May throw a Badland on there to help squish it down. Some day I'll throw an OME kit on a super duty. Thanks everyone
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I don't off hand know the engine weight difference, but it lists for diesel only.

What is the goal?

For that height-ish I'd go with Icon 2.5" coils, Icon panhard bar with bearing end, One Up Offroad adjustable link arms, Fox Performance 2.0 shocks.
Nice truck! Same color and stance as mine, except I have a 2017. Does it sag a lot with the hawk on the back?
Thanks! It drops just a bit, more noticeable on the driver side due to the "super duty lean" and titan 50 gallon tank. I have the add a pack not the full leaf springs. I believe the full leafs are a bit softer. I will probably add airbags after installing my Buckstop double swing out bumper, its HEAVY!


Thanks everyone...My goal is to negate some of the rake and get 35's under there with no rubbing. Minimal lift. I want to put it on and be done, I don't want to tinker/adjust shocks or send them in to be rebuilt. I spoke to the ARB tech guy and he said it would fit my gas engine truck. Spring rate is for the heavier diesel engine. I plan on Buckstop bumper with winch so I figured the heavier springs would be fine.
Got the Bilstein kit with 2 inch extra springs and the 5100 all the way around. Should be here tomorrow. Couldn’t justify the price for the OME kit right now. Got everything for $475. Probably won’t get around to installing it till next weekend.