Fabricated Rear Bumper with Swingouts

Finally got my rear bumper modified with dual swingouts. I had a local welder beef up my existing Reneul (now Buckstop) bumper, add custom machined spindles, and then build/mount the swingouts to hold a larger spare tire, two storage boxes and a bike rack.
Included in the bumper mod are:
- An Aluminess aluminum storage box (24”W X 16”D x 20”H), will hold 2000W generator.
- An Alu-Box (42L) aluminum storage case (23"W x 15"D x 9.5"H), which is easily removable.
- An Eezi-Awn - K9 mount to secure/lock the Alu-Box to the top of the Aluminess box.
- One RotopaX gas can.
- One 1Up-USA bike rack, the rack and support are removable.
- Welded-in 2” receiver hitch.
- A Smittybuilt Beaver Step/recovery hook.
Probably added about 300+ pounds to the existing bumper, including spare tire, two storage boxes (empty), gas can and step. Once the storage boxes were loaded, the truck seems to handle the added weight just fine.
Emptied my wallet in the tune of about $800 for the fabrication work which included labor and materials. Much cheaper than purchasing a new bumper with dual swingouts, and it was built to my specs with lots of good adventure stories and liquid refreshments along the way!


You do have a lot of stuff back there and being able to make exactly what you want and fitting it all together, it looks very professional.