Factory Service Manuals Online

You can buy complete FSMs on a disk off of Ebay pretty cheap. They are black market I'm sure, but if Toyota is holding them ransom, then I could care less about copyright


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I may or may not have a copy of the 05+ Taco FSM and wiring for our more established and trusted friends here on the forums. I may or may not be able to provide it through email to established friends. PM me and find out if you're established on a tacoma forum.
Thanks to every one that helped hosting these FSMs. I see they are down now. I just bought a new 2013 Tacoma Reg Cab 4WD Auto. Any chance any one might have a lead on the FSMs for this truck?



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Another source for used printed manuals: http://www.faxonautoliterature.com

I'm going through this same thing. New manuals from Toyota from Helms are sometimes out of print and finding certain ones is impossible (the 2001 Tacoma for one, the two volumes + electrical manual often sell for $300 on eBay). So if Toyota is not going to print new ones and finding used ones is tough what are you supposed to do? In Toyota's mind take your vehicle to the dealer, silly person.