Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?


I went with the LT version because I wanted the 10ply.

At $680 mounted and balanced, I couldn't pass them over for the KO2s that I used to run.

However I haven't had them on long enough to form any real opinion.


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I also had the cooper AT3s before the Wildpeaks, and I can't say I was impressed. The wildpeaks were much cheaper for me, and have been amazing all around. They've developed a little road noise now that I've got probably 30k or so on them, but nothing offensive and I don't really notice it unless I'm looking for it. I've towed a car trailer to Utah from Kentucky, had 3500lbs in the bed of the truck, had them in sand, in snow and in mud and they've never let me down. All in all, when it's time for another set, It'll be another set of the Falkens.

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Falken update, had them on now for a few hundred miles, very quiet at 75mph, very nice on mountain roads still can't update on snow behavior, the little I have been in falken are night and day better than big o Bigfoot but, that's not saying much.
Definitely would buy again, $740 out the door.


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2+ years and about 30,000 miles on my Wildpeaks and they still have a pretty decent amount of tread on them.


Just got my tires rotated last night at the local Sam's Club. They are still holding strong after about 9 months and 16,000 miles. The techs reported tread depth of 14/32 on two and 15/32 on the other two, can hardly tell any wear from the naked eye.
I've had the Falkens for going a year and about 8k miles. I have no complaints. Prior to this, I had the BFG KO1s which were great initially. I found the KO1s to be noisier than the Falkens and the KO1s weren't great in NE snow once tread life hit about 50%. The snow performance of the Falkens is good. The KO1s became noticeably louder as they wore. I have not reached that point with the Falkens yet, but so far I'm happier with them than the KO1s. My set of 4 in LT285/70R17 was $700 to my door nearly a year ago.


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Are the AT3W still competitive as far as tall/skinny tires are concerned? I can find 255/80R17 for under $170.

Nothing else, at least from reputable brands in that size, is anywhere close to that price.


I have had the Wildpeak ATs for about 12K miles on them and I am very happy. My last tires were super swampers so of course the WPs ride nicer. I live in a rural area and drive on dirt roads daily. The WPs grip much better on dirt roads then the Super Swampers did.

They wild peaks drive nice on the road, didn't take much weight to balance and I picked up 2.5mpgs from my Super Swampers.

I have had them in some sticky mud, they aren't super swampers but clean out as good or better than most other mud tires (not as good as the super swamper I had ) that people in my group are wheeling with. They may not get as good traction initially but being they clean out better than many other actual mud tires they keep up just fine.

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I've had them for over a year on my JKU, LT285/75/16 and about 20k on them in the past year, I don't have numbers for wear but they are wearing very well and have been fantastic tires for all around DD use. I haven't used them in the snow or mud at all but they've been great on pavement, sand and dirt.


It's tough for Cooper to compete with $2/hr overseas labor and less regulation.
I think Cooper understands this and that is why they went to China.

Made in Hangzhou

No U.S.-based tire manufacturer has been more vocal about its truck tire manufacturing activities in China than Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

In late 2003, Cooper announced that it would shift its medium truck tire production to China from its plant in Albany, Ga.

All Cooper truck tires are now made by Hangzhou (China) Rubber Co. Ltd.


In February 2006, Cooper Tire & Rubber recalled 288,000 passenger-car tires from the Chinese maker because they contained "unauthorized material" in the sidewalls. Cooper said that could have caused air leaks and, eventually, tread separation. Cooper couldn't be reached Monday night for comment.


FINDLAY — A year after Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. severed ties with a Chinese plant that scuttled a merger the Findlay firm had with an Indian tiremaker, Cooper has found a new Chinese maker of bus and truck tires.

The new Chinese plant, which Cooper said is capable of making 5 million to 6 million tires, will replace the production of bus and truck tires now done by another Chinese firm of which Cooper divested in late 2014.



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buddy just bought a set of 255/80-17 for his lexus 470. they look like a nice tire and really a true pizza cutter. un mounted off the rim they look to be pretty true to size at ~33". I want a set for my jeep.


I'm curious about snow performance of the AT3W. Can anyone compared them against the Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx?

It's a shame nobody makes a "snow rated" (even if not a true snow tire) in 255/80R17.


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I'm curious about snow performance of the AT3W. Can anyone compared them against the Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx?

It's a shame nobody makes a "snow rated" (even if not a true snow tire) in 255/80R17.
the at3w is snowflake rated. We have gotten dumped on here and my buddy said they have done great. I measured them and they are a bit over 32" when mounted on the vehicle. unmounted they are really close to 33".