Favorite Multi-tool


I have a handful of different leathermans. comes in handy at my job. Fixes easy stuff without getting out the whole toolbox. Usually pliers or screwdriver is sufficient enough.

Surge is my favorite though. heavy duty and so many uses.


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I EDC a Leatherman Charge+.

Also have an original and a Kick, I used to EDC the Kick but I wore the wire cutter out.


My "daily carry" is the Leatherman Pulse. Seems like I'm always needing a small screwdriver or something. Leatherman has "retired' the Pulse. If I were to get another multitool, it would be a Leatherman Free P2 or P4. One feature that is a requirement on any Leatherman I carry is it has to have the little scissors. Those little scissors get used a lot. It is also nice if the knife blade has serrations on it (serrations on the P2, but not on the P4).

I also have a Leatherman Crunch. I have a SOG Seal Pup fixed-blade knife and sheath with a pocket for a sharpening stone slot - the Crunch lives there.

The Army would issue us Gerber multi-tools when we deployed. I never thought they were as finely finished as the Leatherman, so I would bring my Leatherman on deployments (usually my kids would get my Gerbers).
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