Features and annoyances of your 2010+ Tundra 5.7L


Tundra is an older platform. IMHO that only really manifests itself in terms of interior features/options. Lack of Apple Carplay (until 2020) and a few other gimmicks that other 1/2 tons have.

In terms of truck features, the Tundra really isn't lagging behind the competition as much as some people like to claim:
  • The 5.7l iForce is an old engine, but it is a decent and relatively modern engine (DOHC). 2 of the big domestic competitors (GM & FCA) are still using OHV v8's...so I'm not sure why we should consider the Tundra's v8 outdated by comparison.
  • Ride quality: it's 1/2 ton truck with a leaf-sprung rear suspension. This truck was designed to perform truck-like duties (like towing, carrying payload). If you're going to drive around empty 99% of the time, then yeah the truck will ride a bit rough, though nothing outrageous.
  • Relatively big brakes (for the 1/2 ton segment), adjustable headlights, dampened tailgate. The latter 2 features are still lacking in some of the more "modern" competing trucks.
  • It is inherently better suited for offroad duties. 4.30 gearing, better approach/departure angles and shock/strut placement compared to the competition.
  • MPG is mediocre at best, but only 2-3 mpg's behind what most of the competition is averaging...thats based on fuelly results, not forum-goers' bigfish tales.
Tundra is still a decent option. It is biased towards offroad/working applications, more so than other 1/2 tons. Toyota was willing to make compromises to achieve that. I don't understand why people buy 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks to drive around empty and complain about ride quality. If you're going to use the truck for truck-like applications (towing, carrying payload), then the ride is more than acceptable. Honestly, the ride empty is fine IMHO, but it certainly handles better with some load in the back.


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Pros- I have a Crewmax and it’s amazing for the 4 of us plus a big dog. Couldn’t go smaller.
- it’s simple. Not a lot of tech and I love that.
- I have mine modded to the point where Ican’t imagine starting over with something else.
- a Crewmax with soft topper is awesome. So versatile for any adventure! I like hem that as we haul a lot of different things.
- back window goes down.
- fuel tank size on my 2011.
- gvwr is a little low. With my armored truck and a skamper pop up on the bed I was right at the limit, without our gear. Up to you how comfortable you are at the sticker limits and travel.
- gas mileage seems low but I’ve never measured it. I know it’s bad because I’m on 35s and I like the sound of the v8 :).

I looked at a lot of trucks 7 years ago when I was looking. I told my wife whatever I got I would keep 10 years lol. This is the one that I think I can do that with!

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