FG shaking front end while braking


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That’s an intriguing hypothesis. My SIL has a Mazda 3 and the front rims were binding on the center hub and bending when the lugs were tightened. It didn’t shake all the time but under the right braking conditions it would shake like hell
Sorry about the lack of communication. With the holidays, I haven't had the time to work on the FG and promise to provide updates when I have more to report. What I have accomplished so far is to measure runout on the aluminum rims and they seemed within spec. Left front, near the tire 0.003” and right side is 0.008”. Towards the inside of the rims, just outboard if the nuts, both were around 0.003”. All the steering components seemed tight and hoses in place. I created a checklist from all of the great recommendations above and then found the steepest hill in town to start evaluating various symptoms. Unfortunately, our steepest hill is also a 25mph zone, so there was no shaking. At this point I'm fairly certain that the shaking is a high speed, moderate gradient problem and I need to find a long, fast hill to start working my way down the checklist. I promise I will provide updates when I have more info. Happy New Year!
Hey everyone. Last May we purchased a 2015 FG with a 16 foot Bigfoot camper. It has been an excellent rig and I only wish we had more time to use it last summer. This is our first FG and first heavy Japanese truck, so I have been learning as much as possible about our rig before we start any serious adventure. ExPo is an amazing resources and most of my newbie questions have been answered somewhere in the forum. The problem that I cannot find in the forum is a shaking front end during braking.

I have 16” Outback Accessories rims with newish Toyo tires and due to the minimal clearance between the rim and the drum, the previous owner used DynaBeads to balance the tires. However when I brake, during certain conditions such as a downhill, the front end shakes and there is a pulsing that comes through the steering wheel and can shake the entire cab. This doesn't happen every time I brake, but when the shaking does occur, it makes braking feel unsafe. Quizzing the previous owner, he attributed the shaking to the DynaBeads in the tires acting oddly during braking. Though, I'm beginning to suspect it is warped drums and I feel like the problem is getting worse. Also, I scoured forums searching for complaints about DynaBeads and I've never seen anyone complain about shaking during braking. Before I go and replace the drums, what else should I check? What am I missing? The previous owner said he recently had the drums turned, too. Thanks everyone for taking time to help me with this problem!
Thanks everyone for the great recommendations and ideas. I’m taking the FG out for the remainder of the long weekend and will pay closer attention to my inputs, topography, and reaction of the FG shaking. I truly appreciate all of your time in helping me diagnose this problem.

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yeh i have a 15 same same problem standdard tyres Same shaking under braking every now and then sometimes real bad had the problem since new dealershit did nothing
Interesting that after all the complaining by the fellow on page 1 in other threads (and this one) about EC wheels yours weren't even bent. :)

FYI...I was told directly by the previous owner of that truck (when it occurred) that the wheels were bent...and were bent when his tire shop tightened the lugs after applying (and pinching) tape weights.......So, there goes your smart ass hypothesis about my motives.....The fact that there is only slight runout now is indeed puzzling...but lots of things might have happened before the current owner got it....and I allowed for that in my post (s). Everything else happened exactly as I wrote it w/ no embellishment. EC had ample opportunity to publish their findings to allay my fears and those of others but chose not to and were in fact, quite evasive.....Just because someone's had "11 wheels" doesn't mean squat. With that much experience, you'd think they'd have some constructive input or advice for the current owner.
....Just because someone's had "11 wheels" doesn't mean squat. With that much experience, you'd think they'd have some constructive input or advice for the current owner.
Damn, Skippy you caught me there. I hope you have a happy & productive new year. We ought to go camping sometime. Let me know if you pass through central New Mexico & would like to see some great local spots.