FG's in Action

Camp for the night....looks idyllic but it's off the road edge and blowing 80kmh/50mph.
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But the view next morning was worth it...Perito Moreno glacier. Don't see many of these at home.
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That's a lot of flags Guy!!!!
Good to hear from you mate.
Kind regards John.
Hi John. A bit cheaty on the flags - easy to collect through Europe and surrounds.
We shipped to Uruguay in May this year and now well into our second trip down through Argentina and Chile. It's a long drive south but great to be in less developed country again, freecamping all the time.

The truck still going well, had the DPF filter removed a couple of years ago and some work on the starter motor a couple of weeks back. Luckily it failed in town and we could get the right part and only one in southern Chile. The actuators are unreliable (mostly water ingress) but I carry a spare and can reprogram them now (thanks to some help from Ian at ATW).

People think we're adventurous but I marvel at these kids cycling in the Patagonian winds - some afternoons they have to set up camp early as the wind is too strong, starting again in the (sometimes) calmer mornings. Saw one young fellow get blown across the road and off the wrong side - we give them a wide berth when passing!
Couldn't get the original att to post so added these. The Argentine east coast and pampas very dry and mostly flat, like a lot of Oz. We're camped in the gravel pit to get out of the wind. We saw very few travellers down the east coast, sometimes only 2 or 3 cars a day, but a lot busier when you get towards southern Argentina and Chile.

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Fellow travellers at El Chalten/ Mt Fitzroy - just shows you don't need a fancy rig.
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View in the other direction.

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It was series fun Yabanja, do it again for sure. 18,000 K`s in four weeks, 13 countries. We came 12th with a field of 150 and roughly 80 finished. Truck was perfect, oil change half way through, that was it.