Fiamma F45 or ARB awning on SMB. Rain gutter brackets??


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Can anybody recommend which awning to put on a sportsmobile? Also does anybody know where to get the proper brackets to mount the awning to the rain gutter instead of the roof racks? Thanks


1der on the Sportsmobile forum sells the correct brackets for an E series. Awning is personal preference. I’m going with an EEZI-AWN 2000 series 2.5. A bit more than fianma, but it’s hell for stout!


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If the wind gusts bigtime with these deployed, would permenant vehicle damage be more likely with rain gutter mounts or rack mounts.

Its my understanding that this is one of the number one repair jobs done on RVs...big gust essentially rips the brackets right out.


I think the problem with most rv’s is the awnings are simply mounted to the wall with no backing plates since there is no access to the space in the wall. I can’t see the wind being able to rip off good quality gutter mounts. Now the awning could be destroyed, and possibly beat the side of the van up if the legs weren’t anchored down well. That’s why we’re going with Eezi-awn. I’ve actually seen a couple of these deployed in 50 mph gusting winds at Expo a few years back. With the legs staked well, they were rock solid.
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what about those batwing awnings or whatever theyre called. Lots more styles like that now where they wrap around the back of the van. Kind of nice for the bright sun in the sw.


Would love to hear more experiences between these two awnings since I'm also on the fence about which one to install on our Tiger.

As for awning/vehicle damage. The old advice goes, if you leave your campsite or go to sleep, always stow your Awning, because that's when the winds hit. We were in Ozarks in our truck camper next to a lovely old couple in their Monaco bus. The winds came through and ripped the Awning poles from the side of the bus and punched them through the wall of the bus. They had left for dinner. when they got back, I spent an hour helping the old man pull the poles out of the side of his $500k RV.