Filson alternatives?

I love Filson. I don't love Filson prices.

Are there any brands of comparable quality on similar clothing that are more value priced?

Or, am I relegated to finding my field jacket on ebay?

Thanks in advance...
I’m an equal fan of Fjallraven. I’m not aware of any other waxed gear. There is a Filson outlet near Seattle. I got a pair of tin pants for under $100.
Beretta used to make some, high quality maybe a hundred less, outback trading has a few, or you can search some web sites in the UK
I came across a Filson coat at a flea a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure it had ever been worn. $50. I wanted it bad, but it was a 48, just a bit big for me. And I don't hunt. I forget which on it is, but has the 4 front pockets and the pouch in the back with the side flaps. I can see if its still there and send a pic if you're interested. Probably not 1 out of 10 people in my area have ever even heard of Filson.


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The other brands I have seen use a wax and oil that turns rancid. It will stink up everthing in your closet and vehicle.
I've got a Filson Logger jacket and find oiled canvas kinda heavy and stiff for daily use. For rolling around under a jeep in the bush it's perfect but for driving and being comphy it's a little too heavy duty. I would not want to fall in a river and have to swim with it on for example. I do get compliments on it every time I wear it. The Filson stuff I own is endless. Off the top of my head: Belt, wallet, jacket, shirts, hats, small and extra large duffle bags, Pullman luggage. Even my laptop bag is Filson. It's the best stuff if you use it daily and it's got a warranty for life. If you want heavy oiled canvas then save up or find a sale.
I've bought some Filson off Craigslist. It was a huge score. I picked up over $2000 worth of gear for $400. I am set for the rest of my life. Well at least as far as outerwear goes.