Fire at Blue Sea Systems Facility


To Infinity and Beyond!
A large number total insurance fire loses has to do with the type of roof construction on the structure.

Cement walls, cement floor with wood truss roof is EXPENSIVE to insure as a building with a wood truss type of roof construction may meet current building codes in lots of places for a commercial building. HOWEVER if that building ever catches on fire you will have a complete loss as the wood roof truss's will burn and collapse on the entire building contents sprinklers or not resulting in a total loss!

It's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY for the builder, building owner and the renter. The builder wants to get it built as cheap as possible for the building owner who wants to lease as soon as possible to the leasee who wants their rent to be as cheap as possible. So what if the insurance is a little "Mo Money" if we don't have a sprinkler system in place we can deal with that as we will never have a fire here anyway!

It's a "Hot" way to go!!!
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First time I've ever heard of a basic fire protection system not being required. Even if not by codes, then by corporate insurers.

Suppose it started with an electrical short?;)
Large renovations or additions are what triggers the need for sprinkler systems in larger buildings.

I have a customer that is a beer distributor. Their old 100% metal warehouse did not have a sprinkler system. They wanted to double it's size. In order to keep from having to install a system in the old building they had to build the "addition" 10 feet from the old warehouse and connect it will little hallways and doors large enough for the forklifts to drive through.