First Motorcycle to Learn on & Ride on the Back of our Camper Van


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Light, simple and rubust is what I'd be looking for. It will be your first bike. You'll love it no matter what it is. I wouldn't be doing anything overly challenging in your first year or two of riding. Especially two-up. It is a time for learning and caution. A simple bike should be cheaper to maintain, less costly to repair when you drop it (I'm talking low speed drops here which has happended to us all) and allow you to gain confidence faster. My first bike, although not an adventure bike, was a single cylinder 250. Two days after I bought it I loaded it up and took off for a 3000km trip around the east coast of Australia and loved every minute of it.

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Viking with a Hammer

Can be lightened easy enough. Dirt cheap reliability. Fix it yourself suspension.

Make sure your bike carrier is full width and heavy duty, with brake lights. Don't use one of those ghetto little frame grabbers. We've wrecked a few of those. Don't underestimate the forces of leverage on the carrier when bouncing down a road. I'd rather use a utility trailer.

Also 6'2" and heavy. Went with an Protaper ATV mid bar to get the bars high enough for off road riding. I had to lose a ton of weight before riding really became fun.