Fishing apps?

Are there any apps people can use to find fishing spots outside there normal area? Anyplace people share good spots or tips for spots?

For surf fishing, works great. You can select anywhere in the world to check out. Based on tides, temperature, barometric pressure, the program will guide you on when best to fish. Doesn't tell you where to fish though!
Well we live in Northern VA now. Not a lot of options generally due to lots of urban areas around us so if we combine a bit of travel with fishing we are looking at either PA or WV. Little guy is old enough that this spring I'll take him out and start showing him how to use his fishing rod and tackle. The wife is starting to learn fly fishing as she loved when her grandfather did and took her along. So basically, no real focus other than a nice family time for all out of the house. However, with so little personal knowledge of what is good where we are, hard to make good choices on where to focus and plan a weekend around.
I’d talk to people at the sporting good stores
Around you.check the Dnr websites
If you really want to shorten your learning
Curve hit a trout guide
Good luck
I use onX Hunt because it shows land ownership. Pick a waterway then look for public lands, public access locations, timber company ownership, etc.
I just look for water and give it a try, no matter what it’s better than being at work.
It is, but there is a lot of dead water you need to eliminate if you want to catch fish. I have the luxury of having some high end graphs, (2) HB Solix units with MEGA imaging. Unless I am fishing shallow, I don't stop unless I see fish on the graph.