FJ Cruiser Good Option for Long-term Overlanding?


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With a family of four and aspirations to travel Africa, S. America, etc. over several years, I'm wondering if the FJ Cruiser is a good option, coupled to an expedition trailer with pop-up tent. Don't see too many FJs cruising the world, though. What do folks think? A good alternative to some of the more common rigs (Landrover, Landcruiser, etc)? Why? Why not? Thanks for the input.


Love my FJ. Not good for a family of four. Get a ForeRunner or something with more interior room.

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I love mine, it's taken me a lot of places, but its definitely too small for long travel with 4 people.

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Have had the fj,4Runner,lc,gx, and Tacoma. To be honest the only one that came close was the land cruiser. Short answer is yes you can make it work. But the little things and extra effort will start to drive you nuts.

As an example, to fit gear even with a trailer, you will be creatively packing and unpacking, making odd storage choices and most of all everything will become a time vampire. You won't just roll in and out of camp... You will be setting up and tearing down longer and repacking and adjusting more.

My suggestion is go with the fj for fun but long distance or extended travel with more than 2, choose something larger than the 4Runner or get a much bigger trailer.

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Your childern will hate the back seat....even my dog didn't like it.
No visibilty for anyone in back, sorry.
I did a ton of travel in mine, including Canada to Mexico on the Continental Divide for 24 days.
No one and I mean no one will enjoy sitting in the back unless they never look out windows.

For 2 people, great rig.


I've never owned an FJ, nor have I tried overlanding around the world, but I have a family of 4 and a 4runner and I couldn't imagine going any smaller. With a decent size trailer and roof rack, I think the 4runner would probably be large enough, but don't forget to plan for all the extra gear you're going to need. Two full-size spare tires alone get bulky.

The other thing to consider is spare parts availability. If everyone is driving a Land Cruiser or Land Rover, auto parts stores will have their stuff on hand. You can pack spare CV boots and an alternator, but if it's more serious than that, you could be in trouble.

Good luck and I'm sure wherever you go will be a blast.


I agree, the FJ is for one or maybe two people, no way I'd subject my kids to the torture of the back seat for long term.


I own an fj, and I would absolutely agree with it being WAY too small for 4 people. Two people is kind of the maximum. I have a trailer with a RTT mounted on it, and even then it still feels like I need more room. And like others said, the view from the back seat is non existing. Everyone that's sat in the back for any period of time says they feel like they are in a boat with only on small port window to look out of. The 4runner would be a better choice, and even better would be a 200 series land cruiser.