Flatlander’s attempt at a RTT trailer build

Alright here it goes, I’m building an off road camping trailer. Yeah yeah I know, there’s already about 1000 of these threads but who knows maybe something in here will be even a bit useful for someone. Or at very least someone might be entertained... Probably gonna be a lot of writing and pictures so grab a 12 pack and get comfortable!

Quick background: my girlfriend, our dog and I are planning a few camping trips this summer. One to Manitoba, one to BC, and hopefully more. I hate sleeping on the ground in a tent. Nothing worse then waking up at 3am with a flat air mattress!! After reading what feels like every off-road rtt trailer thread I came up with a plan. We will be pulling it behind our 07 JK Sahara. We will be keeping a bit of a travel blog on instagram at the name @getting.lost.together so give us a follow (I didn’t choose the name as you might have guessed...)


First step was to find a trailer to start with. I was lucky enough to find this stripped down former light tower trailer locally. Got it really cheap. Solid foundation for this build with a 3000lb axle


First I opened a beer and I suggest you do the same... Next I flipped the axles to sit under the leafs. This added a bit of clearance. Also pulled out a few leafs to soften the ride. (Might have to put one back in, we will see)

At this point, if your bored outta your mind might want to focus less on the build and more on the beers... or completely on the beer. Your call

Anyway after changing my mind multiple times, I settled on a design. Special thanks to a 12 pack for inspiration. Decided to cut the top off and make a lid that opens with a roof top tent mounted to it.
Point of no return.... but that’s all the motivation I have for one night. Next is the lid. More to come

Night everyone!
Just a quick thought on how to stabilize the trailer. Looking at options to level and stabilize. One option is to mount these on the back corners:
These would work to stabilize but won’t do much for leveling.

Another option that I stole from another thread (hope the guy doesn’t mind):
This would allow me to level and stabilize. I already have one hinlift so I’d only need one more. Also provides a mounting spot for a jack that is just laying in the back of the Jeep right now.

What do you guys think?