Flatlanders Go West

I have been off-roading in some fashion for 25 years. My JKUR was the most capable vehicle yet. I am hoping to work my mega cab up to be a capable rig. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of work are you in.
That's what like to hear lol those Rubicons are crazy capable stock. Small lift and 35ish inch tires and I'll be good to go.

I'm a full time aircraft mechanic with the airforce reserves at Grissom ARB north of kokomo. I'll be switching to the Utah air guard to work the same jets out there
Awesome write up! Loved the pictures and your approach to everything. I did some of the same trails with the family about 12 years ago, but being in a stock Yukon we didnt do as much as you by a long shot!

Cool seeing the ones we did do through your eyes. Ironically when we were at Lake Como a front moved in and what started as a sunny day turn to rain and then sleet. It made the shelf road above the lake a little creepy. I forget what pass is after that but I was worried about a fork we came to and got out and hiked up to look. I didn't want to get boxed into something bad in our stock Yukon on some sleet covered off camber trail. My wife took a picture of me as i disappeared into the fog and she was some scared wondering what would happen next. Sheesh.

We also went to Alta and when we got there (we went over Ophir) there was some sort of hatch going on, fish were going nuts. Went to grab the flyrod.....argh! It was back in Silverton. Sheesh. Still a beautiful place! :)

Thanks for posting this and good luck with the new gig in SLC. And thank you for your service!
Thank you for reading, glad it could take you back to your trip for a little bit.
Thank you for the well wishing with the new job!
And thank you for the support militarily!