Flip-pac camper build

Flippac Camper Build

Update....Flip-Pac Camper Build-thread starts at the end of Page four
I will attempted to update this build thread to get you up to date. I will start this update on 4-7-09

I just purchased a used Flip-Pac Top tent camper for my truck in LA. Problem is I am in Ohio, 2200 miles away!!
Can someone in LA help out with the sale. The person does not have Pay Pal and I am also working on getting it shipped. Its BIG, heavy, full size cap with a tent. BTW...I got a gooooood deal! $500

UPDATE....Shipping looks like about $400-450. Not to bad. The next problem is the cap was made for a Chevy. I have a Ford SD. The Flip Pac will be 2" to short(high) and 2" to short(length). The back window will be fine but I will end up with a 2" gap at the front. I could make it all work with some fiberglass work and a spacer but I wonder if its worth it??? New at the factory they are $3,700.00

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So, did you work everything out in LA?

Yeah, Vince's Flip-Pac is supercool! I have had the honor of traveling with him a "few" times.:D
Bella PSD said:
found this today looking for info on the Flip Pac. Tacoma Flip Pac for sale
Google cash retrieved on Nov 4, 2006...so it might still be for sale???

2003 Flip-Pac
Camper Shell. Ultimate camping vehicle!Excellent condition, includes rainfly and custom bench.Fits 76" bed (Tacoma Xtra Cab or equivalent).www.flip-pac.com for pictures. $2800. 259-2481.

I think the area code is 970?? Durango, CO

If anyone is looking!

Hmmmm...Durango is only a 10 hour drive for me. I can't seem to find a Wildernest...Chad never did get back to me on the rooftop tent quote...Hmmmm...thanks :)
kcowyo said:
This was posted in the classifieds here yesterday - can't beat this price!

So Bella PSD, are you abandoning your roof top tent already?
Just got a better quote on shipping! $395!! So I could have it to my door for $895...I wish I lived in CA:confused: Did I just type that?? If I can make this work, I wll give up on the roof top tent. This Flip Pac seems much better for me.

I will need do some custom fab work to make the Flip-Pac look and work right.(Smaller Chevy full size to a bigger Ford SD full size) Just trying to picture how to add two inchs to the bottom and front part to make it look ok??

I talked to Diane at Flip-Pac and she told me get it for sure at that price.

Update...new shipping quote $325!! Total $825 shipped!!!
Update...new shipping quote $225!! Total $725 shipped!!!

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I had a Isuzu Space Cab 4x4 before the Ford and moded a ARE cap to fit the Space Cab of my old truck. It was 2" to short(2" gap up front and back door closed good). What I ended up doing was move the cap forward and the back door and glass was cut to fit on top of the tailgate and not lay on the outside of it when closed. This gave me the 2" I needed and it turned out to look better too.

That might work for this Flip Pac. Hard to say 2200 miles away??

BTW...That Isuzu Space Cab kicked but..I wish I could find it and buy it back!
Have some time to kill waiting for the camper to get here. So I Photoshoped what I hope will work when it gets here. I hope Vince wont mind using his truck as a PS test!! The back door idea seems easy to do.

And my Truck Test Photoshop. Mine looks like S*** but I now get how it will work/look.



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You'll miss that tailgate and the wide open back end. Alice in Wonderland doors are not for everyone.

I haven't found one advantage to having the door over the tailgate. You have something in particular in mind?

I have a 3 way fridge and heater that needs to vent. Only place is out the back. Both are from a 1-year-old slide in camper I had that was hit by a tree. I have everything from the slide in camper to go into the Flip Pac. Sink, water tank, table, fridge, heater…. everything! Even the gas detector and smoke alarm. Well, everything but the A/C..sold it for $330.

I am planning on mounting the 3 way fridge and heater so they vent out the back. Next to the little door. If it works out I will build it so I can keep the tailgate on. That’s why I left it on Vince’s truck…..Plus I was sick of PS:) I am on it half the day, every day!

You know what? Now that I look at the picture, there is no reason why the door could not be larger or even flip up.



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Bella PSD said:
I have a 3 way fridge and heater that needs to vent. Only place is out the back.
I've seen people mount propane heaters in their WilderNests by removing the driver's side sliding window. They replace it with a sheet of wood or aluminum and mount the heater in it. How about something like that? I'd really miss having the tailgate on my truck.