For Sale: 1994 E350 UJOINT 4x4 Van, $20k


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For Sale: 1994 Ford E350 UJOINT 4x4
117k Miles, 8" Lift, 37" Tires, 16" Top

PRICE REDUCED: $25,000 $20,000 OBO

Location: Winston-Salem, NC

I purchased this van from an Expedition Portal member back in the summer of 2016 with plans of building it out to travel the country. We drove it back from Colorado to NC without any issues. I have been slowly working on it and occasionally using it since. Life had other plans and unfortunately now it needs to find a new home. I recently decided to make a big life/career change and am moving out west and don't need something quite this big anymore. I have built out and been traveling with my Fzj80 instead and finally talked myself into letting this magnificent beast go. It's a hoot to drive around in and gets a fair amount of attention. My friends and I have dubbed it "Vanzilla".

It's a perfect base for someone who wants a very solid (and slightly aggressive) 4x4 van, but wants to do an interior build-out themselves (or get a custom one done). Most of the painful work has been done (insulation, roof extension, subfloor, 4x4 conversion, lift, etc.) and its ready for whatever interior build-out you can dream up. Mechanically it is very sound (was driven from Colorado to NC without issue) and I have just done a basic tune-up. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it across the states as it sits. I have all the receipts from my build/work and from the previous owner including the 4x4 conversion/lift and trans rebuild.

Also, I have a 2001 7.3L powerstroke conversion available. I had considered converting it to a 7.3 at one point and managed to source an entire 7.3 Swap ( I pulled everything needed to swap from a donor van). If interested let me know and we can negotiate.

Finally, If you are on the west coast or aren't sure how to transport, I am open to possibly delivering it myself. This is not guaranteed, but let me know and we can discuss options.

PM me or email:

Please take a look at the album in the link below:

Vanzilla Photo Album

Overall Info:
- 1994 E350 Long Body
- 117k Miles on Chassis/engine

- 351 Windsor (5.8L), Rock solid reliable and easily sourced parts at any local parts shop across the country
- Recent standard tune-up (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, filters, oil)

Suspension / 4x4 Conversion / Drivetrain:
- Ujoint 4x4 conversion, 8" lift, Atlas leaf springs, Bilstein shocks
- 37 x 13.50 Toyo Open Country M/T (with fullsize spare)
- 18" Procomp aluminum wheels
- 4.88 gears
- Stoptech front brake kit (rebuilt OE calipers with high temp seals, powdercoated, stoptech pads/rotors)
- Transmission rebuilt at ~100k, upgraded for more positive shifting for sustained heavy loads during this rebuild.

- Aluminess Front bumper with locking winch box and bull bars
- Aluminess Rear tire swingout/carrier
- Aluminess rear door ladder
- Bushwacker Fender Flares
- Low profile rear bumper powdercoated black
- 16" Fiberglass top extension, black aluminum trim strip with all stainless mounting screws, sealed with all weather rubber mastic tape and 3M 5200
- 36" sliding/screened marine windows
- ~9 ft overall height

Interior / build-out:
- Both front seats full swivel captains chairs
- Fully insulated floor, 3M 5200 sealed, reflectex base and 1/2" Rmax foam (reflectex only under front carpet)
- 3/8" laminated plywood subfloor, stainless steel hardware through bolted to body and sealed with 3M 5200
- Not installed, dark stained bamboo hardwood flooring (planned on using this to finish the floor, will be included)
- Fully insulated walls/doors, small cavities filled with expanding foam, large cavities filled with fiberglass insulation, small holes sealed with Tyvek tape, large openings covered with breathable Membrane sheeting
- Extended fiberglass roof insulated with base of reflectex and 3/4" foam in top of roof
- Rear folding bench seat, converts into small bed, not attached currently.
- Rear heat exchanger/ AC evap removed/bypassed
- ~63 inch standing height

Included extras:
- Fan-tastic vent roof fan (not installed)
- Extra fiberglass insulation
- LED 12v third brakelight (not installed)
- ~100 sq ft dark stained bamboo hardwood for finishing floor
- spare hardware for trim, floor, roof
- spare trim for roof edging
- spare mastic sealing rubber and roof sealant
- (negotiable) Full 2001 7.3l Powerstoke swap

Known Issues:
- Some light surface rust on undercarriage (see pictures, nothing structural and ultimately I planned to POR the undercarriage for peace of mind but never got that far)
- Some scratches and small dents on body (its an expedition vehicle)
- Very slight stumble on idle when cold, most likely a sticky IAC valve. Does not affect driving and it never stalls.
- A/C needs to be sealed and charged. Everything is there and functional, just the rear A/C lines need to be bypassed/blocked off and the system charged to function. (heat works and is fully functional though)




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Beautiful rig, what is the current standing height with the high-top/subfloor setup?
Sorry for the slow reply! I've been traveling for the holidays. At it's highest point inside it's about 63.5".

Also just checked for the fun of it, the van is about 9' overall height.