For Sale: 2005 KTM Adventure S Southern MO


For sale is my 2005 KTM Adventure S. This bad boy is ready to ride and comes with everything need for an adventure ride.

With 62, 000 miles it was no show pony. I have it across the country North and South, East and West. Tried and True.

It would be a great first adventure bike for someone looking to get into the niche. Don't worry about laying down a brand new $15000 bike.

It has some where and tear and a small oil leak. None of which stop it from ripping through the woods or desert.

Aftermarket items include, lights, crash bars, HWD hand guards, Euro style 12v plug, GPS mount(Zumo), GPS(extra $$$), Phone mount, Steering Stabalizer, Dual Wings Exhaust, Hard boxes, Wolfman tank bag and small tail bag, Wolfman large duffel, Factory seat(low seat is on now) Heated grips, and probably a few other little things I am missing.

$3950 OBO