For Sale: Built 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Limited - Phoenix, AZ - SOLD


This is an awesome Montero that runs and drives great, wheels with the best of them, is super comfortable, and turns heads everywhere. If you're unfamiliar with the Mitsubishi Montero, it is a legendary heavy duty 4x4 with Japanese reliability, capable of taking 7 passengers over endless offroad travel in total comfort. This Montero has several decals and a custom paint job on the hood paying homage to the Montero winning the world's most intense offroad race, the Dakar Rally, a record 12 times. This would make the perfect overland / camping vehicle.

This particular vehicle is actually one of the most well known Monteros in the USA and if you search "Gen3 Montero" on Google Images this vehicle is the 8th and 10th picture that comes up. It has a great history of being enthusiast owned for many years and you can read in great detail about all of the mods and work that has gone into this vehicle in the following build threads:

• 2003 Montero Limited
• 205,500 Miles - Runs great, fully maintained. These usually go well above 250k+ and the top Montero mechanic in AZ has recently gone through and inspected and replaced a lot of this engine.
• Clean AZ Title
• 5 speed Automatic Transmission - Replacement trans has only 120k on it.
• Super Select 4 Wheel Drive - 2wd, AWD, 4 High, and 4 Low.
• Has the best traction control system in the world, it's as close as you can get to being fully locked without actually having diff lockers.
• Great fuel economy - gets 15-19mpg
• Automatic Climate Control. A/C blows ice cold and heat is like a furnace - Rear climate controls and over head ceiling vents are a must in the Phoenix summers for your passengers.
• Heated Leather Seats
• 7 Passenger SUV with lots of storage space. The 3rd row is easily removed to reveal a huge area under the floor, 60/40 split 2nd row can fold down in half and also tumble forward, big center console armrest, and also has two glove boxes.
• 13" of minimum ground clearance and the approach angle is 45 degrees


• ARB Bumper
• Old Man Emu (OME) HD Coil Springs and Nitrocharger Sport Shocks
• Differentials upgraded from 4.30 to 4.90 Gears
• 33"(285/70R17) Nitto G2 Terra Grapplers in great condition with 75% Tread on Toyota 5th Gen 4runner wheels painted black with Rustoleum Bedliner Spray
• Adventure Driven Design Front Diff Stainless Steel Skid Plate
• AGM Battery, 4/2016
• Trail Gear 67" Tacoma Rock Sliders
• High Clearance Muffler
• Snorkel
• 20” LED Light Bar
• Well Window Visors
• CB Radio
• Front and Rear Cameras
• Clarion Stereo
• Custom Fold Down Table on the Rear Door
• HiLift Jack Mount on Roof Rack
• RAM Mount Tablet Holder

Recent Maintenance:

• Timing Belt – 180k
• Spark Plugs & Wires – 180k
• Rear Brakes – 180k
• Diff Oil & Tcase Oil – 180k
• Brake Accumulator – 180k
• Exhaust Manifold – Driver Side – 180k
• Radiator Hoses, Thermostat, Coolant – 185k
• Catalytic Converter Y-pipe and all O2 Sensors – 195k
• Intake Manifold & Gaskets – 195k
• Transmission Replaced with a low mileage (117k) donor, this was over $1,000 just in parts – 200k
• Crankshaft Bearings, Oil Pump, Motor Mounts, Passenger Rear Cam Seal – 200k
• 2nd Row Seat Tumbling Cables – 203k
• Driver Seat Base Swap – 203k
• Transfer Case Fluid – 204k
• Front Suspension: OEM Inner & Out Tie Rods, Siberian UCA bushings, OEM UBJs, Steering Rack Boots, and Lifetime Alignment at PepBoys – 204k
• Passenger Side Valve Cover Gasket, Intake Manifold Gaskets, Drive Belt, Crank Bolt, Butterfly Assembly Inspected – 204k
• Exhaust Manifold & 1 O2 Sensor – Passenger Side – 204k

The Still To Be Resolved:

• Previous owner rolled the front fenders up by about ½” to help clear 35s. But it wasn’t quite enough and the tires ripped the fender liners out. Good news is that this truck can run 34s now. I already have an extra set of fenders and liners from a 2001 that are included.

• Instrument Cluster – Temp gauge scale is off by about ¼ low. This is a simple fix that just needs a little solder on the back of the instrument cluster.

• Snorkel – The pipe connecting the snorkel to the airbox inside the fender has become detached a little, allowing some air in at a much lower point than the snorkel head. Needs to be resealed or if you decide to replace the fenders altogether to fix the first problem, I’ve got the original piping needed to delete the snorkel and go back to the stock intake if preferred.

• Rear Suspension – Cannot be aligned all the way because the adjustment bolts are seized. They need to be replaced before the rear alignment can be done. Truck drives nicely though considering. I purchased the lifetime alignment at Pep Boys.

• Cosmetics - Plenty of pinstriping from 4x4ing tight AZ trails, Bedliner and Hood Paint job are looking faded. Interior is clean and in good shape for its age. Tan in color which is the color option to get over black for the Phoenix heat.

• Previous owner disconnected the Sunroof because it wasn't working correctly. Probably just needs a new motor or switch. I have both parts but just haven't had time to investigate/install them.


Photos can be viewed here:

Price is $7,500. Out of state buyers - I am happy to pick you up at the airport and can send you additional photos or videos of whatever you need.

If this ad is still up it is still for sale. Located in Tempe, AZ near Broadway and the 101.

Thank you
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One of the most underrated platforms out there. Love my 1990 Montero, it just won't die. 389,000 miles on the odo, and I haven't had to do anything other than regular maintenance. GLWS!


Expedition Leader
I remember looking at them when they were new to the area here. Dirt cheap for what you got. Definitely enough headroom.


I remember looking at them when they were new to the area here. Dirt cheap for what you got. Definitely enough headroom.

Yep, they really are the best kept secret in USA 4x4s. For the price of a stock toyota with 100,000 more miles you can get a built up and fully maintained Montero with the same Japanese reliability and durability... but no one knows about them. A total failure on Mitsubishi USA's part to market them correctly. The previous generation was perhaps an even better deal at the time they were new since the top trim came with a factory rear air locker. But IMO, the Gen3 is the superior generation for overlanding.