For Sale: Front Runner Outfitters Drawers and Fridge Slide


Desert rat
I have a set of drawers for the GX470 / Prado 120 with trim (deck and wings) along with the Front Runner 40-50qt fridge slide. This consists of the drawer base unit (Part No SSDR005) and the GX470 deck & wing set. You can get other deck & wing completion kits for the drawers to fit other vehicles including Land Cruisers & 4Runners.

The drawers are great, but they are just a little too tall for use with my new puppy's kennel on top. They are in fine working condition, though do have blemishes here and there from their many camping-hunting-fishing trips! They're also pretty dusty. (The back of my GX is a mess... don't judge! :)

Asking $1,200 for the whole kit with the fridge slide.

Shipping would be high for us lay consumers, but if you are willing to get these shipped via freight, I'm willing to assist where I can.

I'm located in central San Diego and will happily drive up to 70 miles or so to meet you.