Ford E-350 Rear door ladder - which side?

Who has rear door ladders?...

Which side did you mount it and why? I'm thinking the drivers side, the one that stays closed more often (at least for me)... but what are the advantages/disadvantages to each side?

Thanks in advance!

Mine started on the right, and I moved it to the left. I was hanging a gas can from it, and it blocked the view on that side, small as it was. My view on the left (driver) side is always blocked by internal cabinets, so it seemed a better choice. Now I have other racks on the passenger side. And you're right about the right side door being open fully more often.
my aluminess ladder is on the left (driver side). The only reason I would want or need it on the passenger side is my grill attaches to it thus making it closer to the table and kitchen. It would also be in the way of an awning on a RB.

Or, if you were a surfer and parked on the side of the road and taking down surfboards I could see that you might feel safer with it on the passenger side when parked on the side of the highway to get to your secret spot.:bike_rider: