Ford F4000 4x4 Expedition custom made in Brazil


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Cool! The Ford F4000 is a variant of the F350 built in USA. I think the F4000 is built in Ford's truck plant in Argentina. The engine is a Cummins 3.9L four cylinder diesel.

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A few more details

the engine is indeed a 4cyl Cummins Turbo. I am not sure which model and what the specs are, but one thing I know is that it is really noisy.

the camper even comes with it's own washing machine...



Euromec III

Mid Range
380 HP

The engine Euromec Cummins III was the first mechanical engine to meet emissions standards of Phase 5 of the CONAMA. It develops 120 horsepower and have a cost of up to 30% less than competing machines. About 12 new mechanical components were developed especially for the Euromec III, which reduces both the cost impact of electronic engines and emission of gaseous and particulate matter. The Euromec Cummins III is indicated for use in mini-buses (urban traffic ) and light trucks up to 3.5 ton capacity. Currently, phase 5 CONAMA applies to all city buses and diesel vehicles according to Brazilian legislation.
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