Ford Glowplug Wiring - fuseable link?


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I am normally not posting in this sub-forum... my name is Bjoern and I travel with a LR Defender with the Ford/ Puma engine, that´s why. If I remember right, also the Ford fullsize pickups with the pwerstroke engines have sometimes trouble with the glowplug harness/ wiring. Especially this fusable wire connecting the main harness to the glow plug harness. Am I right? If I remember correctly there a many Ford owners out there modifying this fusable link wiring and put a proper cable with a fuse instead avoding this melting thing, right? I have found some instructions about that on the web a while ago, but unfortunatley cannot remember where. Anyone here who could help, please?

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Not sure where you are located or what year truck you have or what series of power stroke you have.....

try to cycle the glow plugs three times. Cycle the key to on (not start) wait up to 120 seconds for glowplugs to cycle off
do this 3 times and try and start the truck.

You should also have a block heater....plug it in for 1 hour (don't use starter fluid)

If you have a pre-California emission (before mid-2000) or a foreign Powerstroke truck you may be able to jump the glow plug relay....looks like a ford starter relay. Hold a screwdriver across the terminals to apply power.

If you have a sudden failure it is probably the relay and not the glow plugs it is nearly impossible for all 8 to fail, and you don't need all eight for it to start

If you have a 7.3 Powerstroke and the connector has come loose, you can do the 50 cent mod in a bind (google 7.3 50 cent mod)....if you have a van it is not worth the labor to do the 50 cent mod buy the parts to fix it right.

The picture and link below will help you troubleshoot your glow plugs without having to remove any difficult to reach parts. You only need to unscrew the 10mm bolt going to your IDM and have an ohm meter.

Let me know if you need anything else