Ford, Mercury and Mazda Owners: Let's see your Rigs


..If you have a Ford, Mercury, or Mazda, Overland, Expedition, or trail rig...Post pictures of them here..

..Be sure to include links to your builds and modifications too..:D

..My two Rigs..Both still rockin' the TTB

..My 91 Explorer...A little obnoxious but it gets the job done quite well..

My 95 Ranger 2.3L XL..Don't under estimate this sleeper...;)

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...I know we have more Ford, Mercury and Mazda expedition vehicles floating around this Forum..Hopefully they will see this thread and post them up..:D


Some sort of lost...
Man I don't know if I can find pictures of all the previous rigs...

98 ford ranger 4x4 on 33s

There was a pretty stock 97 explorer on 31s, can't find pictures of it.

2005 explorer sport trac, 33s, 4.88s, front and rear Aussie lockers

2006 f150 fx4, 35s, 4.56s, rear Detroit, front elocker

Had a 1994 explorer that was completely stock recently, nothing exciting with it.


Some sort of lost...
...What?...No Ranger in the snow Pictures?..I still miss that truck..

..Glad to see you are still around Brian..:D
Oh what, this one?! haha

Good to see you around as well. I've got a jeep now that I'm back in Oregon but I really miss my fords! Quality from jeep is terrible. This is what I'm driving now.

OK, I`ll play:sombrero:

First one my old Rig, its a Ford Ranger 2,5 TD Ex-Cab 4WD with 109HP, its fitted with 235/85 16 Tires ( Original it comes with 235/75 15) four Vision X LED Lights on the Roof, two Hella on the Bumper and a wrapped Hood.
Inside the Cab I`ve mounted a Plattform for my Fridge and my Dog.
Got an old Garmin Nüvi and an GPS III + inside and a Box with a Drawer and a RTT on the Bed.

Second one is my new Ford Ranger.
Its an Ex-Cab again, but the Engine its a 2.2 TDCi with 150HP and lots more of torque.
Dont fit any Lights on these, just change the Tires from 255/70 16 to 265/75 16 and bring my Drawerbox and the RTT from the old one to the new.
Same inside, only change is in Navigation, work with my IPad and Motion X and with an GPS 62s...

First one is from 2004, second one is 2012.

The new one has grown in every direction, its exactly same size as an Toyota Tacoma, but a little bit higher.
And its a metric- one- tone- Truck, Payload is 1150KG.

Sometimes its a little bit to big, especaly for the narrow streets here in Europe.



Some sort of lost...
..What years are your Ranger's?

..Your new one looks like a cross between our new and older F150 models..I wonder if it is the same size as your old Ranger or is it larger on the exterior?

..and Brian...Not sure if you saw this thread...

..and you will come back from the dark side...:D
The 94 I recently had was really clean, but unknown mileage. And based on receipts the previous owner left he recently rolled it back even though it didnt have the hundred thousand number. I took it to Louisiana where I work, had a lot of mechanical problems (mostly cooling system) that I fixed in the hangar during some late nights. I needed to replace it with something more reliable so I bought a stripped down 2010 focus. My plan was to drive the explorer back home and make it a trail beater, but with the price of gas and the fact that its a 3-4 day drive I just sold it here. Sucks too, I liked driving it and having something I didn't care about getting beat up. I'll hold onto the Jeep since I've already thrown a ton of money into it (a trend that won't end soon) but next time I'm looking for a truck or SUV it will be a ford, for sure.
My 91 Explorer -



I built the bumpers, sliders, skid plates and my own front suspension. Rides on 32" tires.
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Scott B.

SE Expedition Society
Here are some of my '93:

Going down the steps of Black Bear Pass in Colorado at CCR 2009



Mojave Road in California at Desert Expedition 2011


It looks a little different now...

Tea Kettle Junction in Death Valley at DE 2011


North Georgia mountains in 2009

Ranger in Snow.JPG