Ford, Mercury and Mazda Owners: Let's see your Rigs

My Explorer. Turbocharged, cammed, 4.56, 33's, lockers, winch, dual battery, swing out tire carrier and rtt(not pictured).

Snow day

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My SO bought this Ranger in '03 with 60,000 miles on it. I have been dealing with it since then. Recently we struck up a deal and it's mine for the cost of getting it out of her name. She bought a new car from me a while back.

It is a '01 Ranger XLT, 2.5L auto base truck. It's riding on metric 30x9.50-15 Kenda AT tires. Someone removed the tow pack. I bought everything and reinstalled it. The receiver is a Hidden Hitch and rated for 500/5000lbs and 750/7500lbs with weight disribution hitch. Barely good for basic enclosed transportation. The bed is to small to do anything with but haul a few bags of refuse.

I have completely rebuilt the front suspension. I had the driveshaft rebuilt, and I have done a lot of engine work on it. It still runs like crap. I'll do something with it. Not sure what I'll do yet. I have ideas. I'm just not sure if I want to put money into it or just buy a nice '99-05 Chevy 2500 cargo van. I'd really like to have a Chevy crew cab 4x4 Colorado/Canyon, but the beds are just to damn short.