Ford Transit Connect May 2009


I was just skimming through the minisite this afternoon for the connect. I'm glad to see more of the smaller euro commercial vehicles coming over here, hope they become more mainstream.

That said, the interior dimensions look favorable for a lite camper solution, 72" interior cargo length should make a nice sleeping platform for someone of moderate stature and it looks like it will be available in several configurations.


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You'd think Ford would have brought that over immediately after MB starting bringing the Sprinter over here.

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I used to have a link to a site that showed a bunch of homebult RVs in Europe, and many of them were built on Transits.

I swear it was on the Self Build Motor Caravanner's Club site, but that site seems to be members-only now...

I'll try and see if I can find the site on the home computer later.


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Two interesting things in the attached picture:
  1. Think we'll get lucky enough to have a manual tranny?
  2. If they had 3rd row seats I could SO use that cage to keep away the flying children's toys and complaints about my driving from the wife!



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In Europe, Ford sells this van with a 1.8L diesel that gets 30 mpg city. We're unlikely to see the diesel in USA, but we may get a Transit Connect with Ford's new EcoBoost gas engine. A 2.0L turbo four cylinder using this technology produces about 250 hp, the same power as a 3.0L V6.

The Nissan NV2000 concept is similar in size to the Transit Connect. I'm sure Nissan will keep a close eye on Transit Connect sales.

Here is Nissan's idea for improving access to gear in the NV2000 short wheelbase van:

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Saw a lot of the Peugeot version last month in Costa Rica. They were driving these things all over the "unimproved" roads.



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Ford is now showing the Transit Connect to journalists.

The vehicle will be equipped as follows:
2.0L I-4 gasoline engine, 136 hp; 128 lb-ft of torque
Four-speed automatic transmission
EPA rating 22 city, 25 highway mpg
135.3 cubic feet of cargo space, about the same as a Chevy Suburban
39 foot turning circle, about the same as a Honda Accord

No plans were announced for other drivetrain options.


You'd think Ford would have brought that over immediately after MB starting bringing the Sprinter over here.
The Transit Connect is tiny. Smaller than minivans.The Sprinter competitor I believe is called the Transit Van in the U.K. It is Sprinter sized and can be ordered with 4wd. From my memory it also has a higher GVWR than sprinter. Most sprinters RV's wet are a couple hundred pounds short of their GVWR. Before people and supplies.

Toyota and Honda minivans are terrific long distance travel choices for two or three people. Reliable, comfortable, quiet, and low cost per mile. They're just not cool. In that size no vehicle is a better choice for a pop up conversion. Cargo oriented vans, both big and small like the transit, are just not made to the quality standards of these minivans. The cargo van's just cost less.
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The Transit Connect is tiny. I saw them in person and they are popular in England. The big advantage is the tall roof but it is very small.

The Transit, also very very popular, will replace the Econoline vans in the US. I think they said in a couple years.


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I was issued a Transit Connect as my work vehicle May '08. It didn't even last two weeks. As a company we have a couple of thousand of them dotted around Europe and they are universally despised for the unreliability and lousy performance.

However we would kill for VW Caddy vans - especially with the 2.0ltr TDI 140

I ended up back with a Vauxhaul Astra/Opel Kadett/GM whatever van. It works and takes the punishment - I've had 13 of them in the last 20 years

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transit connect van

Ive just bought a TCV and converting it to a camper. Im looking for a supplier of the vent window shades for the front windows. Im figuring they are avail in UK but havnt found a supplier on the net yet. Any ideas where these and other accessories can be purchased?? thanks..............z


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I like how intelegent designs are making a comeback in the automotive world... I'm not a big Ford fan, espescially it's passenger cars, but this Transit looks SWEET!!!! I agree Ford kind of missed the boat not bringing this out sooner, but I'm glad they didn't round-file this one and make another rediculous SUV, Cross-over or CUV like they would have 5 years ago (or GM still would). I firmly belive that stressfull/hard times usualy bring about great inventions through out history and hopefully this hard time for the big 3 will do the same. This Transit is a good start for Ford. Give us Awd, a Manual tranny and a little powerfull, fuel efficent Turbo-Diesel and boy do you have a winner on your hands. Even without those things I am betting it's gonna do real well. Big thumbs up to Ford for this one.



EDIT: Has this truck been available in Europe and elsewhere for awhile??? I thought it was an all-new truck. I know the "Panel Van" has been alive and well in the rest of the world since well... forever, but like I said I thought this was a new rig that Ford just released. Sorry to hear that they don't seem to be lasting long, I really want vehicles like this to succeed becasue smart designs and utility before rediculous styling is a trend I want to see more of.

And I hear you Nonimouse, those Caddy "vans" are sweet little trade rigs for sure. I wish we got alot of those little trade vehicles that Europe thives off of. My Dad has an IMACULATE N.American VW Caddy (most of them are completely rusted out or have been wrecked and never straightened) wich is basicly a Rabbit P/U with a swapped in High-Perf 1.8L Gasser. It's a sleeper of a little "sport truck" and it really can haul alot for how small it is. I love that little thing.
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