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You gotta be kidding me. If you have any experience with box trucks you'll know that this thing is going to get about 6 mpg.

Anyone who is slightly interested needs to think about that REAL hard.

Go to practically any RV forum and read about how bad a 460 in a box truck (class C, class A, anything that catches the wind) is.

Sure it's neat but you're not going on much of an adventure very far from a fuel station, even with the 50 gal tank it probably has.


Super single wheel

If that 1996 4x4 gas e350 box truck goes for $25,000
My 4x4 7.3 F450 diesel box truck will be for sale soon.

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That bus is awesome.

I see these pop up with some regularity

Heck they even say they have a couple. But what's the deal with the spray on insulation that they all seem to have, with the one roof fan? There's clearly some commercial use that requires it because I've seen half a dozen this way. I'd strongly consider one and throw an agile rip kit on it but that spray foam is going to make any interior build a royal pain.


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Good luck to him...but he's dreaming.

I paid $200 for my 1976, which is a 250 not a 150 and had less miles. That was after it sat on Craigslist for 6 months listed at 2 grand with no takers. Plus mine has a toilet, shower, fridge, water heater, furnace, 20g fresh water tank, 20g grey and 10g black. And a macerator on the black tank.

Of course it had been sitting for 15 years...but still...