FOUND Vans For Sale!


Hi, anyone seen high top vans set up for camping/living under $30K? I need to be able to stand up inside, can't live in my 2003 B1500 for much longer. Any thoughts? G-20? G-30? Ford? Thanks for any links you see!


Seems like a legit deal, Edit @Sleam
That thing is awesome. I remember seeing something similar on eBay for awhile from a seller out of the Midwest. I wonder what the build quality of the box is? More fiberglass box truck, or more aluminum frame ERV?

Dream ski RV, plus it already has a wood stove added in! Though, not sure about the build quality of that compared to the rest of the rig.


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Here is the Craigslist Ad for my 2007 Sprinter Van that I am selling! Please contact me through the phone number on the ad, as I am more responsive that way. Thanks for looking!